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Add New Sidebar In Genesis Framework Using Genesis Simple Sidebar WordPress Plugin

WordPress – one of the most popular blogging platform and Genesis Framework making every possible effort to make it more widely used. Already, I have covered many tutorials on WordPress and few tutorials on Genesis Framework. In this post, I’m sharing Genesis Simple Sidebar WordPress plugin. Genesis Simple Sidebar plugin allows you to extend the capabilities of Genesis Framework because this plugin allows you to create additional sidebars that can be placed into primary or secondary locations. This plugin allows you to create multiple and dynamic widget areas that helps you to assign widget areas to sidebar locations within Genesis Framework on per post, per page or per tag/category archive basis.

After installing Genesis Simple Sidebar WordPress plugin, go to “Genesis” and click on “Simple Sidebars” as shown below:


As soon as you click on “Simple Sidebars”, it open a new window as shown below:


All you need to do is to create a sidebar, all of the options will be given in above screen-shot. To add a new sidebar you need Name, ID and Description. All these information you can get from above screen-shot. After filling above information in required fields, click on “Add New Sidebar”. As soon as you click on “Add New Sidebar”, a new sidebar created and you can use it the way you like.


If you want to create widgets you have to learn programming languages and by using Genesis Sidebar WordPress Plugin, you can create as many sidebar as you want and use them as drop-down menus within the post/page screens or when editing a tag or category.

Isn’t is such a great WordPress plugin? Do you find it useful? If yes, then why do not give it a try. If you have not get your copy of Genesis Framework, then get it now

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The price of Genesis Framework is going to increase and after May 11th, 2011 the prices will be increase upto $299 or may be $349.95. So hurry-up to grab pro-plus package from Genesis Framework at cheaper price

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If you have any query let me know in comment section or get in touch using Free WordPress Installation Service. if you find any problem in customizing Genesis Framework, you can hire me to get a unique blog design.

Download Link for Genesis Simple Sidebar WordPress Plugin

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