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[How-to Guide] Adding Multiple Blogs In WordPress 3.0

In earlier articles we had already covered lot on wordpress 3.0 like:

Which will help you out a lot in understanding wordpress 3.0. Now in this article I’m going to provide a step by step guide on adding additional wordpress blog into your wordpress MU enabled blog in wordpress 3.0 . Adding a new site is easy in wordpess 3.0, just follow these simple steps

  • To get started, click on Sites option under Super Admin panel (Super Admin> Sites).

  • You have to fill the details and after filling all the details click on the “Add Site” button, as shown in the screenshot:

  • Now you will be directed to the next page where you will see “thesis” is added. Now you can simply click on “View Site” and see your new wordpress blog.

I hope that you will find the tutorial simple and it will help you out in adding any number of blogs into your latest WordPress MU installation. Still you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments section or via contact form.

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