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[Review] AdSensePress WordPress Theme – High CTR WordPress Theme

After installing WordPress on hosting server you need a professional looking WordPress theme so that you can get started with publishing content in no time. Finding a professional looking WordPress theme is not an easy task and it becomes hard when you have to choose best one from plethora of WordPress Theme. In addition to this, if you want to monetize your WordPress blog using Google AdSense then it becomes more hard to find WordPress Theme. No need to worry about it, because in this post I’m sharing a WordPress Theme which offers you to increase Google AdSense earnings in no time.

AdSensePress is a premium WordPress theme which is specifically designed to increase AdSense earnings. AdSensePress has a clean layout and comes with elegant look which allows AdSense publishers to increase earnings in no time. This is not like any other WordPress Theme because this theme comes with intuitive options page which allows you to place ads matching your niche which in return offers you to achieve high CTR. For those who do not know CTR is the acronym of Click Through Ratio, when people visit your site then how much percentage of them are likely to click on your Google AdSense Ads is called AdSense CTR.

One thing I like about this theme is that it is designed in such a way that colors of the links and fonts are similar to that of Google AdSense Ads so that anyone likely to click on your Google AdSense Ads by assuming that they are normal internal links. AdSensePress is an SEO optimized WordPress Theme which comes with many features.


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  • Plug-and-Play WordPress Theme
  • Awesome Admin Panel allows you to customize every part of the theme you like to change without any coding.
  • Admin panel allows you to change header color, title location, show or hide the menu, even you can display categories and pages in navigation menu
  • Options to add AdSense, Analytics codes.
  • Fastest loading AdSense WordPress Theme
  • SEO optimized
  • Best Ad Placement allows you to achieve high CTR
  • 2 column WordPress theme.

Well this is a premium WordPress Theme and do not affraid of buying it because this theme costs only $29 and after buying this premium theme you find that you recovered all your invested money within no time.

Sign-Up Link for AdSensePress WordPress Theme

Above all this theme has so many advantages and offers you every reason to use it on your blog but one thing I like to add, Google AdSense works best only when you have a pretty decent amount of traffic on your blog. Without traffic, nothing works neither any WordPress Theme offers you to make money from your blog.

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