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WebGuide4U – brand new site and one of the fastest rising horizon in blogosphere which has great potential. And loyalty of our readers is extremely amazing to us. I’m working hard to offer you best resources and better original content so that, together we can make WebGuide4U, a heaven on web and one of the fastest growing site on WordPress, Web Designing and WebHosting tutorials for designers, developers and especially for newbie.

From our past, I have started this blog with no visitor base and no recognition and now WebGuide4U become one of the hot spot of WordPress Tutorials, Coupon Codes, Webhosting Tutorials and useful resources which has been noticed by new designers, developers, internet marketers, bloggers, IT entrepreneurs, etc. Now in this short span of time I have large visitor base, RSS subscribers, industry recognition and amazing response from the people.

At WebGuide4U, you find some attractive ad spots and advertisement option to companies needing to reach a global audience of passionate and professional web developers and designers? Advertise now to get brand new exposure and targeted traffic from the web’s fastest growing designing community.

WebGuide4U always welcome new sponsors for our large and diversified visitor base from the entire world. Are you really interested? Then check out the banner options listed below:

Banner Options

Some of the existing banner options we proposed here and if you have some creative suggestions that you think that they will fit you, then let me know.

Stats Till Yet

Alexa Rank: 51,000

Facebook Fan Page: 700+

RSS Subscriber: 90+

Sidebar Banners

  • Sidebar Banners (125*125)
  • Sidebar Banners (300*100)
  • Header Banner (468*60)
  • Sidebar Banner (300*250)
  • Favicon Banner (36*36)

Blog Post Banner Ad

  • After Post Title (600*100)
  • After Post Title (336*250)
  • After Post Title (468*60)

RSS Feed Banner Ads

  • Horizontal Banner (300*100)
  • Under Each RSS Feed Post for 30 Days (500*69)
  • For whole website for 30 Days (100*100) we accept only 1 advertiser per month for this banner ad.

Promotional Post

Promotional Post will stay on the top for 24 hours only and listed on the homepage for at least 7 days. This post never get deleted from the blog, in other words this is a lifetime promotional post. In addition to promotional post we will give you an exciting offer in the form of Sidebar Banner Ad of (125*125) for 30 Days (1 Month).

To get more details get in touch using contact form and I’ll be in touch shortly. If you’re interested in long-term placement then we will avail you discount options.

You may also contact us for:

  • Direct marketing.
  • Giveaways and contest for WebGuide4U readers.
  • Releasing a free font, a WordPress Stuff, Webhosting Review, Wallpapers, an icon-set or anything else (fitted best in niche).


Advertisement details and price can be updated anytime and need no prior notice. If any change will occur, it will not effect for the purchased advertisement.