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AuctionPress WordPress Auction Theme From PremiumPress

AuctionPress is a premium WordPress Theme from PremiumPress. It is a powerful auction theme that transforms your WordPress powered site/blog into a fully functional ‘ready-to-go’ & search enging optimized auction website. The best thing I like about this theme is that, it is easy to manage, secure and packed with some great features like unlimited installations, instant auction script downloads, lifetime free updates & support, easy on/off customization options, member profiles, feedback system, private messaging, public & private auctions, re-list option, eBay import tools and lots more.




Charge Visitors to Submit Auctions – You can setup membership packages and charge visitors to submit their products and services to your auction website, each package can be customized.

Private Messaging – AuctionPress supports private messaging allowing members to contact each other via your website about the auction listing descriptions and ask their own questions.

Email Alerts – AuctionPress has a built in email manager allowing you to setup customized email that are sent out to users during special events such as registration, bidding, out-bid etc.

Reserve Price, Offers & Buy Now – With AuctionPress you auction listings can be setup with a reserve price and buy now options, they can also choose to accept offers which the ‘make an offer’ feature.

Registration Verification – To help protect your visitors from fraud and provide an extra line of security you can decide to manually check and approve member before they can use your website.

Relist Tool – Auction listings that do not sell can be relisted using the member account tools, one click and their auction is live and ready to go with the same setup options as originally listed.

Feedback System – AuctionPress has a built in feedback system allowing buyers to leave sellers a rating for 4 customized featured which are then displayed on the sellers profile.

eBay Import Tools – Rather than starting with an empty auction website you can import products directly from ebay which will help make your auction website looks busy.

Search Engine Optimized – AuctionPress has been developed with search engine best practises to ensure your website ranks higher in search engines and generate alot of organic traffic for your website.

Featured Auction & Google Maps – auction listings can be setup as featured which means they display at the top.

Like this auction theme? Then get it right now:

AuctionPress WordPress Auction Theme From PremiumPress

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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