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[How-To Guide] Add BuySell Ad Code In Headway WordPress Theme

Headway WordPress Theme – one of the best WordPress theme I have in my collection. Headway WordPress Theme offer you drag and drop option and offer full control on your website. Already I have shared tutorials on Headway WordPress Theme, here is a quick recap:

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All these tutorials help you to get started with Headway WordPress Theme and help you to customize Headway a bit. As a blogger/webmaster it is necessary to monetize your blog. BuySellAd network offer you to monetize your blog within no time (I’m not discussing here anything related to money or Blah, Blah). Already I have shared how to submit website to BuySellAd network and how to add BuySellAd Code in Thesis WordPress Theme but have not shared how to add BuySellAd Code in Headway WordPress Theme. This post focus on adding BuySellAd code in Headway WordPress.

Step1: Log-in into your BuySellAd Network publisher account and when you are in publisher dashboard, simply click on “Add Zone” as shown below:


Step2: As soon as you click on “Add Zone” (in step1), a new window open (shown below). Now simply fill-up all the details and click on “Next” button.


Step3: When you click on “Next” (in step2), a new window open (shown below) which show a message

You have successfully added this zone. All you have to do now is follow these instructions to install the ad code

To display ad on your site you have to install the ad code but before adding ad code, you have to add main snippet before body tag as shown below:


Step4: To add this main snippet, log-in into wp-admin and go to “Headway 2.0.8” tab and click on “Easy Hooks” as shown below:


Step5: Now you have to select right hook to add this main snippet in Headway WordPress Theme. Select hook “Before Everything”, copy main snippet code and paste this code in space provided. After pasting the required code click on “Save Changes” button as shown below:


Step6: After adding main snippet in Headway WordPress Theme, you have to add ad code. You are free to add this ad code anywhere in your WordPress theme (where you want to display ad on your site).


Step7: After pasting ad code anywhere on your WordPress Theme, click on “Save” button as shown below:


Congratulations, you have successfully added BuySell Ad Code in Headway WordPress Theme.

Customizing Headway WordPress Theme is easy and even those who do not know about PHP or CSS, they also customize Headway WordPress Theme. Still thinking about it, do not think get your copy of Headway WordPress Theme now:

Sign-Up Link for Headway WordPress Theme

If you have any query do let me know in comment section and do not forget to use Free WordPress Installation Service.

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