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Manage Direct Ad Zone By Using BuySellAds WordPress Plugin

BuySellAds network is one of the best advertising network for direct advertisment and almost every blogger/webmaster knows about this network. The best thing I like about this ad network is that it allows an easy way to sell your ads to potential advertisers.

Already, in previous post I have shared how to add BuySell Ad Code in Thesis WordPress Theme, Genesis WordPress Theme and Headway WordPress Theme. Meanwhile if you do not know how to submit website/blog to BuySellAd Network, then here is a simple step-by-step guide on submitting website to BuySellAd Network.

How to Submit Website/Blog to BuySellAd Network

To add BuySellAd Code, you have to edit theme files and if you do not want to edit any of your themes files, then you can download BuySellAd WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to install BuySellAd Code from your WordPress dashboard easily.

This is the official BuySellAds.com WordPress plugin which gives you simple ways to insert BSA code. You have the option to use Widgets or manually insert a single function that returns your desired Ad Zone.

I’m assuming you already know how to install WordPress plugin. After installing WordPress plugin, you have to add site key (from your WordPress Dashboard) and click on “Save Settings”.


After it go to “widgets section” to add ads in sidebar as shown below:


Isn’t it too easy? If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to follow WebGuide4U on Twitter for more updates on WordPress plugins.

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