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Catalyst Theme v 1.3.5 Announced – Download Now

Catalyst is an SEO optimized theme which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features. Using Catalyst on one of my blog – GadgetGuide4U and when I logged in wp-admin panel, I see that a new version of Catalyst has been rolled out. This new version comes with fixation of some bugs, refines some bits and pieces and adds more new features. It’s a manadatory update and it is recommended to all Catalyst users to upgrade it as soon as possible. But before upgrading to latest version, back-up all your data using BackupBuddy so that there is no loss of data if automatic upgrade fails. Below I’m listing the number of changes and features come out with this new version.



  • Added an Alt link/link-title option to Core Options > Header that allows you to control your logo image/text link. You can now either have it link to your homepage like it always has, link to a custom URL and link title or un-link it completely.
  • Added the ability to use/execute PHP code in the Navbar Right Text options.
  • Added an option in Core Options > Content that allows you to enable gzip compression.
  • Added code to ensure that the Dynamik Stylesheets are given a file permission setting of 0644 if incorrect file permissions are set.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug where Breadcrumbs were displaying on the homepage when the homepage was set to be ‘static’ in Settings > Reading, even when all the Breadcrumbs display checkboxes were unchecked in Core Options > Content.
  • Removed the “Add (Catalyst In-Post Options) to ALL Custom Post Types” option from Core Options > Content because the WordPress functionality that allowed that feature to work has been changed since this option was created, making it so this feature no longer works. You can still add the Catalyst In-Post options to specific Custom Post Types, though. Also, the Add to ALL feature was becoming less ideal now that more Plugins are using Custom Post Types for their options pages (you don’t want the Catalyst In-Post options to display on such admin pages).
  • Fixed bug where the Dynamik Stylesheets weren’t being updated upon a Core Options Import, meaning that if Custom CSS was a part of that Import then the Custom CSS file would not be updated until “Save Changes” was clicked.
  • Refined the Dynamik Import function so now if there are empty values from the Exported file they will be filled in with that options default value instead of just staying empty. This is ideal for situations where an old Dynamik Export/Skin is being imported into a current version of Catalyst/Dynamik that may have new options that need a value that the old Export file will not have.
  • Fixed bug where the RSS feed link in the page source was blank if no custom feed link was given in Core Options > Navbars. Now a default feed link is present unless a custom feed link is given.
  • Fixed bug where several “No Color” Dynamik Options were not “sticking” after reloading the Dynamik Options admin page.

All these features make Catalyst a must have theme and if you are planning to purchase a new theme, then get it right now as Catalyst Theme comes with free lifetime upgrades and support.

Download Link for Catalyst Theme Framework

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