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Catalyst 1.4.1 Released

Catalyst is an SEO Optimized WordPress Theme Framework which comes with 800+ features and offers you to build a professional looking website in couple of minutes. Today, Catalyst 1.4.1 is released and it is mostly filled with refinements and few bugs has been fixed. Some of them address minor WordPress 3.3/Catalyst compatibility issues. It is recommended that you upgrade Catalyst to latest version as soon as possible but remember before upgrading Catalyst to latest version backup your WordPress powered website using BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin, even though if you mess up with anything you can easily back it up again. Below you can see the number of changes have been made to latest version of Catalyst WordPress Theme.

Catalyst 1.4.1

  • Made it so the Catalyst Custom Stylesheet is now merged into the Dynamik Stylehseet when the stylesheets are set to be minified. This results in one less HTTP request.
  • Made it so the Dynamik default style.css file is no longer called to the in <head> resulting in one less HTTP request.
  • Merged the two jQuery drop-down js files (superfish) into one file resulting in one less HTTP request.
  • So the above refinements result in a total of 3 less HTTP requests! :)
  • Added link to the “Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator” in the “Backgrounds” section of the CSS Builder as it seems like a useful reference.
  • Removed unnecessary Image Processing that the Catalyst Image Uploader was doing that was sometimes increasing the size of such images. Now your image remains in exactly the same state it was in on your computer, after the upload process has finished.
  • Made it so the Catalyst Image Uploader lists images alphabetically for better organization of images.
  • Changed the default #footer height CSS to auto instead of 100%.
  • Made it so you can’t “Save Changes” in Advanced Options without ALL “Name” fields being populated to prevent potential saving and database issues.
  • Added some js code to Advanced Options to prevent Custom Layout names starting with a number and matching certain names that may cause styling issues on the frontend (these specific names are listed in the Custom Layouts [?]Tooltip under the section titled “**Important Information About Naming Your Custom Layout**”).
  • Made it so your Custom CSS editor cursor position is maintained when you move away from the Advanced Options > Custom CSS tab to another Advanced Options tab, and then back again.
  • Added to/adjusted a few snippets of CSS code in the Catalyst Admin stylesheet to address the textarea text size and absolute positioning (effecting [?]Tooltips and the “Save Changes” notification) issues that came about in WordPress 3.3.

So, for what you are waiting for, upgrade Catalyst Theme to latest version as soon as possible or grab Catalyst Theme from here.

Download Link for Catalyst Theme

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