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[Review] CBPress WordPress Plugin For ClickBank Marketplace

CBPress is a premium WordPress Plugin and it allows you to import ClickBank Marketplace into your WordPress Blog in less than 60 seconds. In addition to this, it is fully customizable and easy to use plugin. Being in affiliate markerting, I have seen few other CB marketplace tools but they will allow you to manually enter CB products or they’re lack in someway or simply don’t work. In other words, they simply waste your precious time and money and in that time you should be focused on building your business. The best thing I like about this plugin is that it is dedicated to helping affiliate marketers quickly deploy monetized affiliated websites. In addition to this, with CBPress you can easily insert your ClickBank id into every link. Below you can see the number of features you get with every copy of CBPress WordPress Plugin.

Download CBPress WordPress Plugin


Push-Button Marketplace Updates

  • Update your CBpress Marketplace every couple hours or once a week. The control is in YOUR HANDS.
  • Simply press the import button and in under 60 seconds your WordPress ClickBank marketplace will be automatically updated.

Customizable Titles and Descriptions

  • Many Clickbank Products have sub-standard titles and descriptions or affiliate information.
  • CBpress allows you to rewrite ClickBank products titles and descriptions to increase clickthrough rates.
  • CBpress allows you to auto-strip common affiliate words if don’t want to take the time to rewrite titles and descriptions.
  • Marketplace updates do not affect your custom titles and descriptions.

Customizable Marketplace Categories

  • CBpress also allows you to create new custom categories. Use the entire ClickBankMarketplace or create a niche site based around a category or sub-category or even a handful of ClickBank products.

Customizable Products

  • Add non-ClickBank products and a custom URL into your marketplace.
  • Turn off ClickBank products that are underperformers…
  • Turn off products with a low payout or that don’t convert…
  • Turn off products that you simply don’t like…
  • The power is fully in your hands.

Product Filtering

  • Filter products by gravity, commission, recurring sales and rank. If you only want to display products with a gravity of over 100, you can!
  • Choose what order you want to display products. Sort based on product title, marketplace ranking, gravity, commission rate and more.

Create Custom Product Lists

  • Custom lists are similar to ad blocks. They give you an easy way to group ClickBank products together that you want to promote.
  • Place them onto any WordPress page or post using a shortcode, or add them to one of your theme’s sidebars using a widget.
  • You can also insert custom products you’ve added to your database into any list.
  • Lists can include both the ClickBank Marketplace as well as any custom products you’ve added to the database.
  • There is no limit to the number of lists you can create!

Theme Syncing

  • Product lists generated by CBpress auto-synch graphically to your WordPress theme for seamless integration.
  • You can also use the built-in style-sheet editor to change the look and feel of product displays.

Hoplink Cloaking

  • Cloak Hoplinks to prevent affiliate commission theft.

Click Tracking

  • Basic click tracking allows you to see which products in your ClickBank Marketplace are getting clicked and how many times.

Shortcode Assistant

  • Built into the WordPress content editor to quickly add CBpress shortcodes to your pages and posts.
  • A CBpress icon shows above WP post editor so you can quickly insert shortcodes into your WordPress posts or pages. No more hand-coding!
  • Shortcodes save time so you’re not having to manually add ClickBank product lists/ads to your individual blog posts and pages.

Unlimited License

  • You can install CBpress on one site, or a thousand websites.
  • Licensing allows for installation on multiple sites, as long as you use the same ClickBank ID and receipt number.

Lists/Ad blocks

  • Select ClickBank products from cateogries into custom lists/adblocks and insert them into blog entries or other block spaces on your CBpress Blog.

All these features make this a must have plugin, if you are seriously looking forward to make money using ClickBank, so for what you are waiting for, go get it right now as soon as possible:

Sign-Up Link for CBPress WordPress Plugin

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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