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[How-To Guide] Change Custom-Sample Folder Into Custom In Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis, no doubt most popular and SEO optimized WordPress theme that offer lot of functions. You can easily customize thesis theme without any knowledge of PHP and CSS. To customize thesis you have to rename custom-sample folder to custom. Already, in earlier posts I covered how-to guide on installing thesis theme and adding Adsense revenue sharing code in thesis theme. Now in this post I offer you a how-to guide on changing custom-sample folder into custom in thesis WordPress theme.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel by typing URL:

http://www.domainname.com/wp-admin (replace domainname with your domain)

Step2: Now go to Thesis (as number by 1) and then click on “Custom File Editor” (as numbered by 2).


Step3: When you click on “Custom File Editor”, it open a new window (as shown below). Now you see a message like this:

“ATTENTION: In order to edit your custom files, you’ll need to change the name of your custom-sample folder to custom.”

To remove this message you have rename “custom-sample” folder.


Step4: Now log-in into cPanel by typing URL:

http://www.domainname.com/cpanel (replace domainname by your own domain)

Step5: In cPanel go to “Files” and click on “File Manager” (as shown below).


Step6: When you click on File Manager, it open a new window, your root directory where you have to select wp-content folder (as shown below) and after selecting wp-content folder, click on “thesis_18”.


Step7: When you click on “Thesis_18” on right-hand side you see some files (as shown below). Now you have to rename “custom-sample” folder.


Step8: Now select “custom-sample” file and click on “Rename” button in navigation menu as shown below:


Step9: Now rename “custom-sample file to custom” and click on “Rename File” button as shown below:

thesis-custom-function7+download-thesis-theme+thesis+thesis-theme+dowload-thesis-theme-free Step10: Now go to wp-admin panel and refresh the web page (refresh the webpage as mentioned in step3), you have successfully change custom-sample folder into custom in thesis wordpress theme.

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  • Perfect & just what I needed! I’ve added you to my reader, great stuff!

  • So I did this successfully… at first. In the midst of creating a hook, I managed to botch something up really bad. I hit the save button, and not even the WP-Admin page would load. It was a blank white screen. I went to my site, same thing. So I couldn’t edit any code to try and restore the mistake I made, since the WP-Admin page and the Thesis Editor page wouldn’t even show up.

    I had a mini freakout, thinking that my site was toast. I figured out that by changing the name back to custom-sample the changes I made were reversed. However, now whenever I try to change it to ‘custom’ again, to attempt to edit some files and get my hands dirty, it reverts to the white admin screen.

    So I’m in a little bit of trouble, seeing as that now I can’t fully customize my site. I’m not sure if this is something that can be fixed or not. I’m backing up my content now, and I’m searching for something that would restore JUST the ‘custom’ file to its original settings, without having to restore all the other original thesis customizations.. Let me know if you can help. ‘Preciate it.

  • after renaming i get errors pls check here http://deluxejournal.com and see and tell me what

  • You just made my day! I just recently left my comfort zone (wordpress.com design) and dove head first into hosting accounts and custom themes, I often feel incredibly overwhelmed.

    I chose HostGator (against friends advice to go cheap), and the Thesis theme. This quick article confirmed that I can totally do this, and made setting up my theme effortless! thankyou!

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