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[How-To Guide] Change Permalink Structure Without Losing Traffic

Already I have shared a how to guide on changing default WordPress permalink structure but didn’t tell you that you can also change permalink structure without losing traffic.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel (by typing URL mentioned below). Go to plugins and click on “Add New Plugin” as shown below:

http://domainname.com/wp-admin (replace domainname with your domain name)


Step2: Now install Deans Permalink Plugin and activate it (download link available after end of post). This plugin will generate a 301 redirect or you can call it permanent redirection when bots will crawl your posts.

Step3: After installing plugin from dashboard, go to “settings” and click on “PermalinksMigration” as shown below:


Step4: When you click on “PermalinkMigration“, it open a new window. Now type your old permalink structure and click on “Update option” as shown below:


Step5: Congratulations, you have successfully changed the permalink structure without losing traffic.

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Download Link to Dean Permalink Plugin

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  • its very useful one. thanks for the plugin mate

    • Yes Suresh, it is very useful especially for those who thinks of changing permalink

  • Radu Tyrsina

    Hi there, I have mentioned you in my last post, please see it and let me know your answer, thank you

  • Rajesh

    After that, just for confirmation go to google and search for site:yourdomain.com And click on the previous cached permalink. See the redirection. It works.

    • Thanks Rajesh for adding another point in the article.
      Deans Permalink Plugin is a great plugin, really helpful in migrating blogspot blog to self-hosted blog

  • JK

    Thanks about the plug-in. In my earlier stage I have changed my permalink structure without any plug-in. Though wordpress make the changes to all post, it took long time. All are great entries! Keep it up mate.

    • By doing this you will break so many links on your site, hope you do it in initial stages, otherwise its a bigger problem if you do when your blog rising fast

  • Hey Vivek, I never heard about this plugin for permalinks. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks Ileane for stopping and commenting here.
      Deans permalink plugin is useful for those who are thinking of migrating blogspot blog to wordpress or thinking of changing wordpress permalink structure.
      Stay at WebGuide4U lot more things are coming.

  • Vivek, nice to see my image on your first screenshot…. 🙂

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