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[Guest Post] Cheap Reseller Web Hosting

This is a guest post written by Patrick Smith. If you would like to write for WebGuide4U, check out guest posting guidelines here.

Have you thought about making a little extra money on the side? Are you tired of shared web hosting, and hosting 20 sites on one account? Well you won’t have to worry anymore, because the solution for you is called reseller web hosting. Don’t know what a reseller is? Well, a reseller is a person who deals as a middle man that sells cheap web hosting on someone else’s server.

Reseller web hosting is a good alternative to shared hosting, and it can also make you some money on the side. The thing not to forget when buying those cheap web hosting plans is to make sure you aren’t being put on reseller hosting. Being put on reseller hosting is not that bad, it all depends on what server you are put, and how populated it is. Most cheap web hosting companies offer reseller plans that promise “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth. The truth is they think you are only going to use a little bit of it. When your sites actually start gaining traffic, they punish you for using too much system resources. Once again, it all depends on what company you are put on. Some famous resellers like HostGator offer unlimited plans that are OK, and they won’t run with your money, like most people promising unlimited plans do. But they are for sites that are starting off, or get small, to moderate traffic. If you still do not understand it, then think about it this way, there is a pie (the server), you bought a piece of the buy (your reseller), and you divide your piece into smaller pieces (reselling your piece of the in chunks). That is how all these unheard of companies are able to offer you cheap web hosting, because they probably get it for a much cheaper price than they charge you.

Another good thing about reseller web hosting is the neatness, I do not want all my sites on one shared hosting account, it just looks sloppy and hard to manage, and that is why I used to choose a reseller before I bought my own server. However, if you happen to find a friend that wants web hosting and can’t find a good deal, you can offer him or her one, and start making some pocket change. While reselling to others on the side, you can make up enough money to pay off your reseller monthly. Even make more than what you have to pay to spend it on other things, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget, next time someone offers you cheap web hosting, ask them what it is, or for a test IP so you can run a WHO-IS on it. Overall reseller web hosting is a very good idea, and a very good way to make some pocket change so I highly suggest upgrading from shared to reseller web hosting.

Here are some of the best Reseller Webhosts which offer you cheap and reliable webhosting:

01) Hostgator Reseller Hosting (Discount Coupon: WPHOSTGATOR25OFF)

02) Bluehost

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