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Clipper (WordPress Coupon Theme) Version 1.5 Released – Download Now

New version of Clipper WordPress theme is released by AppThemes – Clipper v1.5 and it is available for download in members area for free or you can update it from WordPress admin panel for free. Clipper v1.5 comes with fixing bugs and adding new features. In earlier post I shared that Clipper V1.4 released with fixing bugs and adding new features and now Clipper v1.5 comes with many new features & performance improvements. It is strongly recommended to update Clipper theme to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Clipper theme to latest version make sure that you backup your theme files & database so that if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your files & database in a single click.

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Clipper v1.5 is a maintenance & new feature release and it comes with fixing 76 tickets in total. To update Clipper theme to latest version you can use AppThemes Updater Plugin or you can update it manually by downloading the updated version of Clipper theme from members area. Below you can see the number of features added and bugs fixed in the latest version of Clipper WordPress theme:


Clipper V1.5 – What’s New?


  • Fixed Subscribe widget
  • Fixed layout display issues with top and bottom bar of coupon
  • Fixed layout display issues with many categories
  • Fixed layout display issues with Facebook widget when added into footer sidebar
  • Fixed DB errors when MySQL in strict mode
  • Fixed localizing validation messages on login pages
  • Fixed repeated text above comments form
  • Fixed $wpdb::escape deprecated notice
  • Fixed use of deprecated jQuery .live() method
  • Fixed issue with opening coupon code button url in IE with flash disabled
  • Fixed AJAX calls when FORCE_SSL_ADMIN defined
  • Fixed ‘allow html’ option which was not disabling auto-embeds on WordPress 3.5+
  • Fixed custom favicon option
  • Fixed notice in admin edit coupon page if author not set


  • Made layout responsive for optimal viewing on any device
  • Changed template files names for home page (to front-page.php) and blog page (to index.php)
  • Changed date format for coupon expiration date from ‘m-d-Y’ to ‘Y-m-d’
  • Changed admin settting pages
  • Changed theme file structure
  • Added option to mark store as featured
  • Added option to reset saved search data
  • Added option to reset statistics
  • Added option to exclude unreliable coupons from homepage
  • Added option to disable featured slider
  • Added option to not link and not index single coupon pages
  • Added option to disable cloaking outgoing URLs
  • Added visual mark to expired coupons on home page and single coupon page
  • Added ‘Total Sales’ to admin dashboard charts
  • Added new System Info page with option to download reports
  • Added in page navigation on Stores and Categories pages
  • Added compatibility with OneAll Social Login plugin
  • Added coupons count to admin Users page
  • Added pre-installing widgets in sidebars on theme installation
  • Added pre-installing menus on theme installation
  • Added tabbed blog widget
  • Added widget that displays expiring soon coupons
  • Added listing user orders in his dashboard
  • Added CSS styling for Twitter Pro Widget
  • Removed Twitter widget
  • Removed clipper-no-admin.pot file
  • Removed ‘From URL’ tab in media uploader when accessed from edit store taxonomy page
  • Removed thumbnail column from coupons in admin
  • Removed votes fields from example csv file
  • Removed unnecessary images from the images folder
  • Permalinks structure will not be changed on theme installation
  • Utilized ‘no_found_rows’ arg to limit number of db queries
  • Changed icons for coupons admin menu
  • Changed use of votes transients to appthemes_set_visitor_transient()
  • Moved into functions Categories and Stores list generating code
  • Added function wrappers for stores meta
  • Added feature to ping ‘update services’ while publish coupon
  • Store images has been changed from fixed to proportional
  • Added checking coupon status each time coupon is displayed
  • Converted all emails to use appthemes_send_email()
  • Changed status code to 301 for affiliate redirects
  • Separated ‘show password filters’ on registration and profile page
  • Totally rewritten Reports component
  • Added ‘continue to coupon’ button in order summary page
  • Added ‘tests’ library for unit testing
  • Added changed_files.txt that contain list of changed files
  • Renamed widget classes, added CLPR prefix

All these changes and fixes make Clipper a must have theme for creating coupon websites. So, for what you are thinking off? Update Clipper theme to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have Clipper theme, then you can get it from here:

Clipper (WordPress Coupon Theme) Version 1.5 Released–Download Now

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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