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Clipper V1.6 Released By AppThemes, Comes With Fixing Bugs And Issues

A new version of Clipper WordPress Theme from AppThemes released – Clipper V1.6 and you can download the latest version of Clipper WordPress theme for free from AppThemes members area or you can update it for free from WordPress admin panel for free. It is an maintenance release which comes with adding new features and it is recommended to all users that they must update Clipper theme to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Clipper WordPress Theme to latest version make sure that you backup your files & database it’s because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your files & database in a single click. To backup files & database I personally recommend BackupBuddy WordPress Backup Plugin.

BackupBuddy – WordPress Backup Plugin

Below you can find the number of changes made in the latest version of Clipper theme:

Clipper V1.6 – What’s New?


Comments feed for single coupon page
Issue where files was uploaded even if failed checks
Entities in store name returned via ajax store suggest
Deprecated notice about like_escape() in ajax store suggest
Issue with sending out emails when in the ‘From’ field a Yahoo or AOL email address is used
Issue with not displaying errors in user edit profile page
No edit coupon link in email when coupon created by guest
Locking site when backend access option is set to disable
RSS social icon does not work
PDF is uploaded even if it is not allowed
The ampersand “&” will show as “&” in the autosuggest
“Email Coupon to A Friend” not a live link
Correct errors returned by W3C Validator
Click counter does not increment on Print Coupon button
Structure Data Hentry Markup Errors
Register link in header when registration disabled
Update legacy orders information
When coupon removed from wp-admin, related items not being removed
Misc minor fixes/improvements
SEO Footer link
Admin font size bug
Potential XSS Vulnerability


Revamped the admin option pages for a more modern look
Rewritten ‘share coupon’, ‘edit coupon’, and ‘renew coupon’ forms
Deprecated functions: clpr_do_coupon_form(), clipper_coupon_form(), clpr_show_coupon_form(), clpr_update_listing()
Added more server side validation to coupon forms
Added compatibility with Contact Form 7 plugin
Added validate store and affiliate URLs
Added mark coupon as featured via quick edit
Added WYSIWYG Editor for Stores
Added related Coupons Widget
Added “Search Index” to improve performance of search queries
Added setup ApiGen – document functions and classes
Added location param into before/after sidebar hooks
Added option “Direct Link” to choose outgoing links behaviour (redirect to destination URL or popup window with actions)
Added replace logo option with ‘custom-header’ theme support
Added importer – add link to example CSV file
Added redirect users to frontend form when trying to add/edit coupon from wp-admin
Added filter by coupon type and category into admin coupons list
Added “Hide unreliable coupons” option to widgets
Added add-ons MP module
Changed responsive layout for Admin settings and Clipper Dashboard
Changed migrate to Dynamic Checkout
Changed use taxonomy columns generated by WP
Updated ZeroClipboard JS library
Changed wp-admin security check to redirect
Changed rewrite widgets to use APP_Widget class
Changed use ‘widgets’ component
Changed remove functional code from user dashboard template
Changed use user display name instead of login
Changed rewrite metaboxes to use APP_Meta_Box class
Changed deprecate unused functions

All these changes and regular updates make Clipper WordPress theme a must have theme for creating beautiful coupon website in no time. So, for what you are waiting for? Update Clipper WordPress Theme to latest version as soon as possible. If you do not own Clipper WordPress theme, then you can get it from here:

Clipper V1.6 – WordPress Coupon Theme From AppThemes

If you have any query do let me know via comments!

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