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[How-To Guide] Create New User In MySQL Database

MySQL, most popular database which allows you to run content-driven websites. MySQL database managed by using third-party programs such as PHPMyAdmin because it offers you a quick and easy database administration process. Already I had provided you lots of guides on MYSQL Database from installation to some advanced level. Here is a quick round-up of all the posts.

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All these posts help you out in getting friendlier with MYSQL database. This post focus on creating a new user in MySQL. Follow the step-by-step guide to create user.

Step1: Open your cPanel, under it click on MySQL Database option as shown below:


Step2: After clicking on MySQL database, it will open a new page. Now scroll down and you see the “MySQL Users” as shown below in screen-shot:

create new user1

Step3: After clicking on “Create User” button a new user-created and it looks like this:

create new user2

Step4: The new database user will be “cpanelusernmae_admin” (admin is the username of that database you’ve created).

Step5: Now click on “Add” button to “Add User to Database” as shown below:

create new user5

Step6: Now select the privileges you assign to this user and after assigning privileges click on “Make Changes” button.

create new user4

Step7: Congratulations, you have successfully added new user to database.

create new user6

This tutorial guides you in creating more users to your database.

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  • how to give admin privillage by this method??

    • Read the article again. you will see that in step 6 if you click on “ALL Privileges” option you will grant admin privilege to any user.

      • i tried this way 🙁 but not possible to login.. actually..if my admin account is hacked means..how you access the wordpress??

        • i don’t found any problem like this. follow the step-by-step guide again and carefully. if your wordpress is hacked then you have to use your cpanel to get access to your wp-admin

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