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[How-To Guide] Create Revenue Sharing Website

Already I have offered you WordPress Plugin which allow you to create Revenue Sharing Website/blog. But didn’t tell you how to configure this plugin.

This post focus on configuring Author Advertising Plugin (assuming that you have already installed this plugin) and help you to make your blog revenue sharing.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel by typing URL


Step2: Go to Settings option and click on “Author Advertising Config” (as shown below):


Step3: After clicking on “Author Advertising Config.”, a new window will open and you will see a message (as shown below):

“CREATE TABLE wp_author_advertising ( id mediumint(9) NOT NULL auto_increment, author_id int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’, author_advertising text NOT NULL, author_custom1 text, author_custom2 text, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) );”

Step4: To remove this message you have to log-in into PHPMyAdmin and run the SQL query there.

Step4 (a): Log-in into cPanel and click on PHPMyAdmin as shown below:


Step4 (b): Clicking on PHPMyAdmin open a new window where you have run the SQL query as shown in “Author Advertising Config. page (Step3)” (as shown below):

Code you have to copy

“CREATE TABLE wp_author_advertising ( id mediumint(9) NOT NULL auto_increment, author_id int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’, author_advertising text NOT NULL, author_custom1 text, author_custom2 text, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) );”

Now select SQL from navigation tab and run the SQL query (as shown below):


Step4 (c): If you have done everything as mentioned till now, you will get the confirmation message stating that “SQL query has been executed successfully” (as shown below):


Step5: Now you have to configure “Author Advertising Plugin” to make WordPress blog a revenue sharing blog. With this plugin you can use any advertising program but in my case I’m using Google Adsense.

Step6: Now, I’m showing screen-shot of my settings, you can use these setting as a reference for setting-up your own blog as a revenue-sharing blog.


Step7: Now, this part will be shown to contributor (or the role you assigned to new user) in dashboard and they will use it to enter their Adsense pub id and channel. In custom field one, enter your channel no, which is being use to display your ad (as shown below):


Step8: If you have done everything correctly till now, then you can place this code anywhere on your blog, where you want to display your ad.

Below you can see the 336*280 ad unit, you can change it according to your need. This ad unit, will pull up the pubID and custom cannel ID from the information entered by contributor (or the new user).

google_ad_client = "%pubid%";
google_ad_slot = "%custom1%";
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;


I hope this tutorial help you to make your WordPress blog a revenue sharing blog. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to WebGuide4U feeds and like on Facebook, so that you can manage and run your blog as a revenue sharing blog.

If you have any query feel free to ask via comment and if you find this post useful then don’t forget to tweet and stumble this post.

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  • soon i wud be starting revenue sharing website.
    Actually I be converting my current blog to revenue sharing

    This post will help me


    • Good Luck Atul, if you face any problem do let me know.
      thanks for the commenting here

  • Well Explained Tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  • Vuong

    Thanks for your sharing! One day soon when my blog reach higher milestone, I will open revenue sharing door 😛

    Marry Christmas and Happy new year!

    • Welcome Vuong. All the good wishes to you. hope you achieve all milestones pretty soon.
      Merry Christmas and had a great year ahead

  • Vuong

    Your blog is increase fast. 2010 is reaching its end. Do you have any lesson learning from the first stage blogging. I think this is a good article you can write about.

    Merry Xmas and Happy new year 😛

    • Yes Vuong traffic gets almost three times after deciding to work full-time. There are too many lessons i learned and putting extra effort to get as much as i can.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family enjoyy holidayss..

  • Thanks For the share vivek. Revenue Sharing is a great way to increase authors on the blog.
    Keep it up 🙂

    • Agree with you HArneet, revenue sharing is a great way to increase and attract guest authors on any blog.

  • Shifa Saleheen

    hello Vivek, how much it will cost to create a revenue sharing site? Do I need any additional cost besides domain and hosting fee?

  • I was trying to make author revenue sharing for my blog, however it is not getting up. When I view source of published page, i can see that pubid and custom1 variables has not been replaced.

    Do you know any reason why it is not working.
    I tried to replace double quote by single, but it didn’t work either.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    • Hi Ritesh, Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned in this tutorial. If you are still not able to do it let me know further, I will do this task for you..

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