Create Website In 60 Seconds With Webbzer

Webbzer is the India’s first responsive website builder which allows you to create website in under 10 minutes and above all to create website, you don’t need any coding knowledge. It works on WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) model and counter the problems, small business face while creating a website for their business. In addition to this, it actually makes a website in just ‘60 seconds’ only – the website builder converts your LinkedIn profile into a full-blown portfolio website. The company also provides hosting & security and a free (.in) domain for their websites created using Webbzer.com.

Webbzer has started an initiative to create free websites for NGO’s across the country to boost awareness for their causes. It is the simplest & quickest online tool for people to make & maintain their websites. It features a responsive website builder and solves the problem of getting it to work on all devices (desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile).

Last week I get a chance to ask few questions and before you jump into building website for free, read out those. All questions answered by Mr. Ankit Gupta, Founder & CEO, Webbzer. In case, if you have any query then do not forget to ask in the comments section.

Q1: How will Webbzer compete with their competitors?

A1: Webbzer has few competitors in the Indian market, however none which offer a comprehensive list of features like us. With our key marketing campaigns and these features, we’re very confident about dealing with our competition.

Q2: Unique features Webbzer offers?

A2: Webbzer’s editor is adopted to the new design ideology, enabling all websites being made by Webbzer to look beautiful. All websites built are responsive, catering to all devices. Moreover, our editor is multilingual, enabling users to make websites in any language they desire and last but not the least, our 60 seconds converter, which prepares your websites in under a minute.

Q3: How users can be benefited or take advantage of using such a software/tool?

A3: When already CMS (content management system) available like WordPress, etc. Even till today, CMS systems are a little technical and requires you to have some IT background knowledge in order to deal with this system. Since webbzer is made focusing on India as our target market, where businesses are still catching up to the IT era, our tool allows them to get a website even if they are sitting on a computer for the first time. Webbzer’s tool doesn’t require any prior knowledge, all it requires is your keenness to get online.

Q4: Minimum requirements to use this Webbzer tool?

A4: If the user knows how to operate a Microsoft word document, then he/she will find no problems for using webbzer tool.

Q5: Do users have to pay one time fee or there is recurring or renewal pricing?

A5: Webbzer has a free package for users to try their website and get to know the tool better, When upgrading, users can choose to pay from an annual or monthly subscriptions starting from Rs. 299/month.

Q6: After creating website, how they can troubleshoot the problem?

A6: Here at webbzer, we’re  very proud of our support team. Our users can very easily raise tickets for any technical support and we also have an excellent live chat team, allowing them to get their problems solved in real time.

Q7: After creating the website, how users will upload the content?

A7: Users can very easily update their website content by just click and change. By just clicking the elements where they want to put their content, they can upload text, images, videos and much more.