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Daily Deals WordPress Theme From Templatic

Daily Deals is a premium WordPress Theme from Templatic Theme Club which is specifically designed for websites that share daily deals, discount coupon or special offers with their readers. The best thing I like about this theme is that, by using this theme you can easily start your daily deal website in couple of minutes.

Daily Theme helps you to setup a mid-level deals site where sellers can list their deals (digital products, coupons, vouchers, etc.) and as an administrator you can easily approve, reject, edit and manage deals. The deals run through the time duration specified by the seller or till the item stock lasts (of course, this can be altered and moderate by the admin). The buyers buy the deals and payment is processed through various payment gateways. At each of the events, relevant notification emails are sent to the admin, sellers and buyers. The administrators and sellers can mutually agree upon the payment split.

In other words, it is a complete theme with built in functionality for submitting, approving, displaying and buying deals.

Daily Deal

Demo || Download


  • Deal listings by sellers and moderation by admin
  • Buying deals
  • Transaction reports
  • eCAPTCHA enhanced security.
  • Complete moderation of deals.
  • Full featured notification emails to buyers, sellers and admins.
  • Featured deals on homepage + Category-wise deal widget.
  • One Click – Auto install of the theme.
  • Five detailed color schemes
  • Localization support.
  • PSD File included with developer license
  • Multi level drop down menu
  • Custom page templates
  • Custom built, dynamic widgets that you can use multiple times.
  • Standard WordPress Blog & Pages
  • Gravatar Support & Threaded Comments
  • Built-in Ad Monetization
  • Widget Ready with custom widgets
  • Valid, Cross browser compatible

Isn’t it a great WordPress Theme for Daily Deals website? Like this theme, then get it right now:

Sign-Up Link for Daily Deal WordPress Theme

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Want to see Daily Deal WordPress Theme in action, here is the video for you.

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  • Darren

    Templatic admin area is very dull. their all theme are full of bugs and sometime it contains malware too.

    • @Darren: Thanks for sharing this piece of information. As never know that Templatic codes contain malware?

    • Hello Darren,

      While you may be frustrated for some reason with us, its not entirely fair to be faceless, and blame us every where without pinpointing any specific issue at all.

      1) While I agree that there could be bugs in the theme (which we would fix immediately whenever it comes to our notice AND there could be no software in the world without a bug.) I could not understand why we would send our themes with Malware! What we would benefit by doing so?

      2) When you say proxy commenting, you mean just like you doing? Without a gravatar or a link to your website?

      As far as I know, we have Vedran, our community manager who answers this kind of comments. It is entirely possible some other customers may have responded your comment just like Vivek did?

      3) When you say cheated our customer with copied code, I’d love that you have some base here. While I agree that we do use open source resources in our theme, I refuse to agree when you blame us with code theft.

      Or, you can get in touch with me directly. Write to me at “bhavesh at templatic dot com” and I’d love to help you.

      Having a frustrated user does us no good. Nor do we want to continue this. But that shouldnt really mean that you accuse us in every possible way you can imagine.

      Having said that, I’d love to resolve any complaints you may have in professional manner if you point me to specific thread or helpdesk tickets you may have created at our site.

  • Darren

    you can check templatic’s history. They have cheated their all the members with copied code.

    Upon being exposed by me in one of blog (www.premiumwp.com), they started playing proxy commenting to gain customer’s loyalty.

    I’m feeling shame to be their member.

    • @Darren: Well, I’m not the member of Templatic Theme club and so I do not know, what they have done and what not.
      Well For my clients I always recommend Themes like Thesis, Genesis, Headway and Catalyst.
      Their codes are pretty good and I’m happy that I have all these with me.

      • While I agree that those are the good frameworks, they can not be Daily Deal theme.

        The basic difference here is those themes are framework, you use it as a base and build things further with your own expertise. Coding a theme like Daily Deal on top of those framework would take you weeks.

        Daily Deal theme on other hand is a niche, app like solution that is specifically built for this.

        • @Bhavesh: Have to agree with you, creating a Daily Deal theme takes time as it is not so easy to code every thing and this theme provide an easier way to manage all the things without too much work.
          Thanks for creating such a beautiful theme.

  • Hey everyone!

    Darren, I just read (and replied) (to) your comments on premiumwp.com. Matt is not a Templatic employee. He said several times that he has nothing to do with Templatic, nor that he “likes us” very much.

    Templatic has thousands of customers and most of them are satisfied with our services. Unfortunately there will always be people (like yourself) that are for some reason unhappy with us.

    If you want to talk about your problems with us, please, send me an email at http://scr.im/vedran

    Sincerely yours
    Vedran from Templatic

    • @Vedran: Thanks for clearing all the things out here. Looks like only @Darren has problem with Templatic.

  • @Vivek
    No problem, the only thing that I want to know is why does he have such bad experience with us. I really want to clear the air here…

    Kind regards

  • Darren

    It’s not me alone saying that your membership is worthless.
    As far as the gravatar and Identity is concern I don’t want publicity to get the unethical traffic at my official website.

    (1) As long as the proxy comment is concern, templatic is caught so many times doing these.

    (2) can any one of templatic team explain that why so many members are unhappy with your membership ?

    (3) Many of templatic theme members have openly come with the copied code and design complains along with the link. what they have to say in their defense ?

    (4) why do templatic sale their theme without any test ? rather giving finished product, they sale it to do the testing from their customer. when you says professional manner, have you seen your helpdesk ? which hardly gets solutions and some of the query gets reply after 10 days.

    @Verdan, why would one try to expose you guys with all those links ? don’t you think that there must be many reason for that ?

    They literally have to ask for writing their theme’s review at prominent blog. Had their theme such a quality, they need not to ask for that. (https://twitter.com/#!/rbhavesh/status/100856265911181312)

    @Vivek It’s not a personal matter, it’s all about making aware to WordPress user that majority of their current members are complaining (as seen in their helpdesk and opinions as well)

    well, there are many opinions that are openly sends the message that templatic themes are not worth trying and most of them are full of bugs.

    • @Darren: Thanks for explaining everything in detail. Now @Bhavesh @Verdan: What you want to say on this?

      • Guess vedran has already answered most of your questions darren.

        Unethical traffic? I can’t but smile to that defense my friend.

        (1) When you say “caught so many times”, I’d love to know of one such incidence.

        (2) “members have openly come with the copied code” Again, I’d like to be pointed out to a specific incident.

        (3) As you say you are a customer of GeoPlaces, the version 3 was in Beta testing for more than 3 weeks before it was released. Our forums were proof of that.

        (4) Since when it is considered unethical to ask some mag to get us covered? And when you say “Had their theme such quality..” I wonder how many themes do those mags actually try themselves before writing a review?

        (5) Once again, I’d invite you to write to me on my mail ID with your user ID on our website and any concerns you may have. I refuse to communicate further in here without even knowing whom I am talking.

        • @Bhavesh: Thanks for the detailed answer @Darren: it would be great if you can get in touch personally with @Bhavesh or @Vedran and sought out issues you have.

  • @Darren
    You are yet again saying a lot of things with no proof what so ever.
    1. I’ve been with Templatic for over a month now and I can 100% guarantee that no “proxy” answers were made during that time. I can’t speak for the past, but my gut tells me no such answers were made.

    2. Templatics biggest blunder is our Geo Places theme. We are the first to admit that this theme had it’s fair share of problems. The problem is even bigger when you consider the fact this is our most popular theme…
    That said, new (and old) Geo Places users have nothing to worry about. Most bugs have been sorted out and several features were added since the initial release. Also, Geo Places development still isn’t over…

    3. I haven’t seen such claims.

    4. We do test our themes. All Templatic club members have beta access to most of our theme releases. We fixed a lot of bugs during the latest beta testing – for DailyDeal. I’d like to take this opportunity and thank them once again for their help with DailyDeal!

    I don’t wanna be rude, but have YOU seen our HelpDesk? 90-95% of all tickets get answered within a few hours, but for the other we need the coding teams help – so it lasts longer. The reason why you only hear the negative stuff is because that’s just how the world works. Why do news cover only the bad stuff – because people are more interested in it. Also, people with bad experience are twice as likely to spread the word then people with good experience. It’s just how it works….

    @WPcandy tweet
    DailyDeal has received AWESOME feedback from the WP community and Templatic users – just read the announcement blog post. We were featured on a lot of sites and we were generally wondering how come WPcandy hasn’t mentioned us. They cover similar content, I honestly don’t see harm in asking.

    Last time I checked there was around 18,000 members on Templatic support forums. Majority mean over 50%…are you willing to say that over 9000 of our customers aren’t satisfied with Templatic themes and support? Do you really think we would still be in business if that was the case?

    I’m not going to deny that we have unsatisfied customers, of course we do – there isn’t a company in the world that doesn’t have them. But when a product is bad NO ONE will buy it. If we were in fact as bad as you claim we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now….Templatic would be out of business long time ago.

    Again, I am very sorry we disappointed you, but I have a feeling there is nothing we can do about that now.

    If you were us, if you were in control of Templatic, what would you do?

    Kind regards

  • Darren

    @Vedran My friend, first of all you talks about lack of proof. and you yourself claims that you have created a biggest blunder in Geo Place Theme. others have also similar kind of theme and those are working fine.

    When you are in product promoting business, you should have courage to withdraw your faulty products from market like Honda cars and other product seller do. Even company like nokia have withdrawn their faulty mobile chargers but you shamelessly claims that it not 100% sale worthy and you’re still selling it.

    Not only majority of your members are unhappy, some of have shout for refunds even and you have openly admitted your faults in social media and had to do refunds.

    You guys are masters in creating odd theme but you don’t have capacity to fulfill the claims that you have made.

    Funny and frustrating thing is that you have appointed freshers as your support staff who have very less knowledge about WordPress.

    Rather making false claims, start working on fixing bugs which you proudly claims that your majority theme has.

  • The fact I confirmed GeoPlaces was released prematurely somehow gives you proof for all your other claims? Where have you even seen a withdrawal of an digital product? Geo Places had bugs and we fixed those bugs. Sure it didn’t happen as fast as we wanted (as you wanted), but we worked it out. GeoPlaces is a massive theme, and while it will work on my server, and my neighbors server – it might not work on yours very well. Also to consider are the system requirements for Geo Places. To function at its best the theme requires memcache and session support – which most shared servers don’t have.

    I test Templatic themes on a shared hosting and I never had any issues, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have either.

    I proudly claim our themes have bugs? No! I said it’s almost impossible to release a bug free software out of the gate. Video games cost 20m dollars and still get patched several times after release. You just CAN’T prepare for all the possible variables, no matter how hard and long you test the product.

    Darren, if I confirm a claim you made that doesn’t magically mean all other are true. And please, will you stop talking about others, what is your experience with Templatic? What did we do to YOU?

    Kind regards

  • Darren

    Well, Darren seems to have no general knowledge that there are many theme developers who give money back guarantee.

    (1) can you explain me that why there are more bugs that any other theme developers ? (your each theme has more bug than 5 other themes) which clearly proves you have only interest in fooling wordpress community.

    (2) Why so many people are speaking openly against templatic ? and that too with evidence

    (3) Why you tries to escalate your fault to server ? are you more expert than hosting company ?

    (4) why you ignores WordPress coding rules ? don’t claim that this is also fake claim, neither I have raised any blame this time. check it out https://twitter.com/#!/ryanlinstrom/status/103540236629458944


    Let me challenge you, if you are professional enough, go for it.

    If I prove openly that you are copying all the codes from other theme provider, would you stop working on wordpress ?

    Road ahead is though for you. (Mark my words)

    Rather blaming other, better start working what you should do.

  • Darren

    @vivek, please correct Vedran in place of Darren before you publish this post.

    • @Darren: which comment you are pointing out? Would be great of you if you let me as it is not possible for me to figure out the un-correct one.

  • Darren

    Replace ” Well, Darren seems to have ” to “Well, Vedran seems to have “

  • Hey Darren

    Until you describe your experience with Templatic, I won’t comment on your posts. I’ve seen your anti-Templatic posts on several forums, not once you spoke from personal experience.

    I really want to resolve this, but it seems like you’re not on the same page. I always aim to help any one related to Templatic (with good or bad experiences) but I honestly don’t know what to tell you…

    I wish you all the best Darren
    Vedran Fak

  • Darren

    Accept the fact that templatic is copying or accept my challenge.

    Just dare to declare refund for those member who are not happy with you. let’s see how you can make your member happy. (Give refund to only those who are not happy, let them prove first why they are not happy then go for the refund)

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