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Dapur Kue WordPress eCommerce Theme From Tokokoo Themes

Dapur Kue is a premium WordPress eCommerce Theme from Tokokoo Themes. It is a yummy food product selling theme and it is specifically designed for selling & promoting culinary products. In addition to this, with its large photo-slider you can easily showcase your prime products or latest news, attractive and detailed products page with details & products price, alternative skins, social media share buttons, blog integration and many more features. The best thing I like about this theme is its brown-color of design as it absolutely invite your visitors to come & buy your culinary products easily and you can also display fresh from the Oven products and direct link to your Facebook page store from your online store.




  • Alternative skins
  • Social Media share
  • Regular theme updates
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Solid code framework
  • Zoom-able product images
  • Ads management
  • Website analytics
  • RSS and Newsletter settings
  • Built in WP 3.0+ menus support
  • Full-featured WordPress theme
  • Hero Photo Slider – Feels proud to present your best products directly to everyone’s eyes right after they entered the home page. Earns the ‘ooh’ and ‘wow’ while them watching the pictures smoothly transite all in one powerful action.
  • Related Products – The idea of cross-selling basically means offering alternatives and additions to the current product customers are considering. The most common way of doing this is by presenting manually-assigned somewhere on the site’s product details pages, noted as “related products”.
  • Multiple Product Images – Let’s say, you have products and get plentiful stock photos for each product. That’s good! Our multiple product images feature can handle it, as easy as you set the thumbnail.
  • Facebook Page Integration – If you have a thousand products that sells through facebook gallery, can you imagine how do your visitor search the product they want to buy? There’s no need to upload your products through Facebook photo gallery because all products uploaded to your site is automatically view-able on Facebook.
  • Search Product – Helps shoppers find and buy products across your site without have to browse every page. To give hint, you can place an input text form on the sidebar that eases shoppers to quickly and easily find something on your site.
  • Product and Post Thumbnails – You can use different thumbnail for each product and post to show their uniqueness. Don’t worry about sizing, our timthumb-free themes make thumbnail size adjustment becomes automatic.
  • Custom Widgets – We understand that online stores this day need to follow the trend. Yeah, we’re talking about social media and blogging. How can our themes handle those needs? We have some custom widget to fit your business.
  • Theme Support and Upgrades – All Tokokoo themes are well-maintained and regularly updated by our themes developers and front-end developers. If you buy single/developer license, you can utilize Tokokoo support ticket in case you’re experiencing difficulties. Otherwise, our themes come with sufficient documentation in form of PDF, Tokokoo KBase, and video to guide you getting the best of our themes.
  • Testimonial – Absolutely suitable for your used/new tables, sofas, chairs, beds, home decorations, fancy gifts and others. It is built with big images, thumbnails, and calm yet inviting color themes.
  • Language Localization – We provide Language Localization feature for any website whose language is not english. This feature will automatically translate the language which is used in your website. More language options means more potential customers.
  • Tokokoo Shortcodes – We make shortcodes for easy-to-use post formatting. What do you need on a post? Tabs, buttons, toggles, or what? We let you choose by yourself through WordPress TinyMCE.
  • Theme Panel – The benefits from using our custom theme panel is you can set theme with no pain. It will help you a lot while diving into WordPress dashboard. No more paste-ing Google Analytics code into your theme, let our theme panel handle that one!
  • Full Integration with WordPress E-Commerce Plugin – WPEC is an ecommerce plugin provided by GetShopped. WPEC plugin makes it easy to add a WordPress e-Commerce shopping cart to your site whether you sell 10 or 10,000 products. Besides, it is easy to manage even for beginners. The interface is so familiar for WordPress users, so you can save learning time.

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