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[How-To Guide] Delete Uncategorized Category In WordPress

After installing WordPress, you have deleted default post, default comment, default page and even though you have changed the default password but one thing you have not done till yet, is to delete a default category in WordPress. Already I have shared a post on how to rename a default category but have not shared the way how to delete uncategorized category in WordPress. This post focus on deleting “Uncategorized” category in WordPress.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel, go to “Settings” tab and click on “Writing” as shown below:


Step2: When you click on “Writing”, it open a new window (as shown below), select default category other than “uncategorized” category in WordPress (for me I’ve chosen WebGuide4U) and click on “Save Changes” button.


Step3: After selecting category, go to “Posts” tab and click on “Categories” as shown below:

delete-uncategorized-category-wordpressStep4: In “Categories” select “Uncategorized” category and click on “delete” as shown below:

Step5: When you click on “Delete” (in step4), it asks for a confirmation to delete the category. Click on “OK” and in no time the default category deleted.

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  • Its better to Rename it as News or Misc.

    • Yep, agree with you Anish that we can rename it by Blog’s name or other than as mentioned by you. But some users don’t like to rename it rather than they find the way to delete it. So i come up with this post

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