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[How-To Guide] Disable Visual Editor In WordPress

WordPress has lots of features and I have covered some of them in the form of how-to guide. One of the feature that I came across is Visual Editor. Visual Editor make writing post easy, but in some cases especially when you have a line break, it ends up ruining (usually unwanted) formatting. This post focus on disabling visual editor to avoid unwanted formatting.

Step-By-Step Guide On Disabling Visual Editor In WordPress

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel.

Step2: Go to “users” (as shown below in screen-shot) and click on “Your Profile”


Step3: Now simply click on “Disable Visual Editor When Writing” and click on update button.


Step4: Congratulations you have successfully disable the visual editor in WordPress

Note: Disabling Visual editor is recommended only when you have basic knowledge of HTML

Do let us know you views in the comments section about disabling visual editor in WordPress??

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  • Robert

    How can I permanently disable the Visual Editor for all users?

    • You have to specifically told all users to disable visual editor before writing.

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