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Create And Edit Images With Cloud Canavs In HTML5

HTML 5 is a new standard for structuring and presenting the content on World Wide Web. This new standard incorporates the features like video playback, drag and drop options and other features and to use these features earlier we need third-party plug-ins like Adobe Flash, Google Gears, etc. But now, Cloud Canvas has launched their Free HTML 5 image editing suite. This suite offers easy to use web-based offering and aims to blend the capabilities of Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.

cloud canvas

This suite allows newbie and professional designers to create, edit, store and embed images into the suite in addition to this it also supports both vector and bitmap images. This suite has been integrated with Google Image Search and Deviant Art Library to import images with 500 fonts ready to use.

Some of the features of Cloud Canvas are:

01. Raster Graphics

02. Vector Graphics

03. Page Layout

04. Layers

05. Filters

06. Source Editing

For the iPad lovers, Cloud Canvas has already had an optimized version for touch drawing and illustrating.

Chance to win $500

Cloud Canvas offers a prize of $500 to top 3 designs/artwork out there but remember that the last date is September 12th, 2010. So, hurry up!


For more details you can see the demo video here:

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