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Genesis Framework v1.9 Released

A new version of Genesis Framework is released – Genesis Framework v1.9. This new version comes with new features and few bugs have been fixed. It is recommended that you must update Genesis Framework to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Genesis Framework to latest version make sure that you backup all your files its because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup all your files in a single click.

Genesis v1.9 – SEO Optimized And Secure Theme Framework

This new version comes with completely new front-end design and some nice improvements for both developers and users. The default look for Genesis has been updated and the style sheet has been condensed & completely rewritten with an emphasis on flexibility for mobile responsive design. The best thing I like about this new version is that Genesis 1.9 is also utilizing rem unit of measurement & will use a pixel fallback for browsers that don’t support rems. In addition to this, a couple of widgets were softly deprecated like “eNews & Updates” and “Latest Tweets”, the Category and Page menu widgets were also removed from the Genesis Framework. Genesis v1.9 now offers support for author highlighting which means that you can associate your content with your Google+ profile. Below you can find the number of changes made in this new version:

Genesis 1.9 – What’s New?


  • Fixed call to genesis_site_layout() resetting the query.
  • Fixed the custom header body class conditional for WP 3.4.
  • Fixed warnings when saving posts
  • Fixed footer scripts setting having incorrect ID.
  • Fixed extra quote in Author Box setting markup.
  • Fixed empty post image link, when there is no post image.
  • Fixed empty featured post / page widget image link, when there is no image to display.
  • Fixed use of path constants in post-templates to use functions instead.
  • Fixed comments template loading on custom post type single posts, if it supports comments.
  • Improved genesis_site_layout() by allowing cache to be bypassed.
  • Improved custom field saving function.
  • Improved how Genesis / child theme style sheet is referenced, by enqueueing it.
  • Improved post title output, adding a filter to decide if it should be linked to the single post on archive pages (default is true, as currently).
  • Improved user meta fields integration by limiting to admin back-end only.
  • Improved method to check to see if Scribe is installed.
  • Improved breadcrumb class for PHP 5.
  • Improved comment template by only loading it on
  • Added .entry class to all content, in preparation for the potential absence of .hentry in a HTML5-flavoured Genesis that prefers Microdata over Microformats.
  • Added filter for term meta defaults.
  • Added comment header wrapping div.
  • Added ability to disable the loading of all breadcrumb features.
  • Added `archive-title’ class to archive titles.
  • Added fallback parameter to genesis_get_image().
  • Removed i18n.php and moved textdomain load to init.php.
  • Removed legacy customer header code.

User Interface

  • Fixed post class field not saving.
  • Fixed inconsistency with comments and trackback edit links.
  • Fixed robots meta tag help links to point to articles by Yoast.
  • Fixed dropdown size issue in widget forms.
  • Fixed trackback URL output showing when post type does not support trackbacks.
  • Fixed post meta section showing for pages in search results page.
  • Fixed grid loop problems.
  • Fixed spacing between bottom buttons on settings pages.
  • Improved wording on SEO Settings page, including Scribe marketing notice.
  • Improved theme settings page by hiding update options when automatic updates are programmatically disabled.
  • Added a What’s New page.
  • Added front page and posts page breadcrumb settings.
  • Added search result page title.
  • Removed on / off setting for primary and secondary menus in favour of theme nav menu locations to determine visibility.


  • Added CSS for content boxes, and coloured buttons.
  • Added menu highlight class.
  • Improved organisation of CSS.
  • Improved overall base design:
  • Increased maximum width, 1152px.
  • Different font.
  • Default styles for HTML5 elements.
  • Fluid-width columns.
  • Use of rem units with pixel fallback.


  • Improved sanitization on some settings inputs.
  • Improved search form security by escaping input and button text outside of filter – you should remove any esc_attr() calls in functions that filter these strings and just return plain text.
  • Added a new sanitization filter, url.
  • Added escaping to names and dimensions of image sizes used in image size dropdowns.


  • Improved usage of proper defaults in eNews widget.
  • Removed settings for eNews widget (consider it deprecated).
  • Removed settings for Latest Tweets widget (consider it deprecated).


  • Improved License description by changing from “GPL v2.0 (or later)” to “GPL-2.0+” as per SPDX open source license registry.
  • Improved default document title separator from being a hyphen-minus character to an em-dash.
  • Improved .pot file.
  • Added link to download Genesis for Beginners to readme.
  • Added support for rel="author" link tag, allowing author highlighting on Google result pages.

All these features and changes make Genesis a must have theme framework. So, for what you are waiting for update Genesis Framework to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of Genesis Framework then you can get it from here:

Genesis Framework v1.9 From StudioPress

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check Free Blog Setup Service which comes with lots of unlimited & amazing features.

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