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Gravity Forms v1.7 Beta 2 Released

A new version of Gravity Forms is released – Gravity Forms V1.7 Beta 2. The new version of Gravity Forms comes with adding new features and fixing few bugs. It is recommended to all users that they must update Gravity Forms to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Gravity Forms to latest version make sure that you backup your website its because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your website in a single click.

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Gravity Forms v1.7 is a major update and introduces several powerful new features and enhancements. Below you can find the complete changelog of new version of Gravity Forms Plugin:


Gravity Forms V1.7 – What’s New

  • Added support for WP Editor merge tag icons and applied to the Notification message textarea.
  • Added gform_entry_post_save filter to allow entries to be filtered after being saved.
  • Added mt-prepopulate class to “Default Value” setting on form field Advanced tab so the Merge Tag drop down does not include form fields.
  • Added gform_admin_pre_render hook to notifications edit page.
  • Changed the form actions submenu hover class to make it more generic and applicable to all submenus.
  • Updated Zip to ZIP.
  • Updated send_notifications() function to accept single path attachments (previously only supported arrays).
  • Moved GFNotificationsTable to notifications.php.
  • Moved notification functions form form_settings.php to notifications.php.
  • Removed the gform_before_form_settings_update javascript hook; use the gform_pre_form_settings_save php hook instead.
  • Removed debug statement which caused a javascript error to be thrown in Internet Explorer when switching forms in the editor.
  • Renamed the hook gform_confirmation_before_save -> gform_pre_confirmation_save.
  • Renamed the javascript hook gform_before_form_editor_update -> gform_pre_form_editor_save.
  • Renamed the hook gform_notification_before_save -> gform_pre_notification_save.
  • Renamed the hook gform_before_email -> gform_pre_send_email.
  • Fixed issue with calculation fields on currencies that use a comma as the decimal separator.
  • Fixed issue preventing modifications done from the gform_entry_post_save filter to not be available on notifications.
  • Fixed issue where when accessing a new form and not adding any fields, unsaved changes notification is still triggered.
  • Fixed issue where “text” confirmations were having confirmation message replaced with default message when upgrading to 1.7.
  • Fixed issues with notification tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with preview page returning a 404 on sites where wordpress is running in a subfolder.
  • Fixed issue with custom jQuery UI stylesheet being enqueued when file did not exist.
  • Fixed issue with calculated products not saving their values correctly.
  • Fixed conflict with Custom Post Types plugin causing JS errors.

So, for what you are waiting for? Update Gravity Forms to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of Gravity Forms then you can get it from here:

Gravity Forms V1.7 Beta 2 – WordPress Contact Form Plugin

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