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Gravity Forms V1.7.3 Released

Gravity Forms V1.7.3 is released and you can download it from here. This is a maintenance release that resolves several issues reported with Gravity Forms V1.7. It is recommended to all users that they must update Gravity Forms plugin to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Gravity Forms plugin to latest version make sure that you backup your website its because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your website in a single click.

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Below you can find the number of changes made in this new version:

Gravity Forms v1.7.3 – What’s New?

  • Added JS filter: ‘gform_conditional_logic_description’ allows you to modify the descriptive HTML (i.e. “Show/hide this field if any/all of the following match”).
  • Added JS filter: ‘gform_conditional_object’ allows you to modify the conditional logic object based on the object type.
  • Added ‘gf_currency_config’ to gf_vars array, one step closer to deprecating gf_global array.
  • Added gaddon JS object for use with the upcoming add-on framework.
  • Added support for “tab_label” setting when creating “Settings Pages”.
  • Added new hook to prevent new forms from being created in the demo site.
  • Added JS hook: ‘gform_is_value_match’ allows filtering whether the source and target values are a match.
  • Added PHP hook: ‘gform_is_value_match’ allows filtering whether the source and target values are a match.
  • Changed form switcher so that it redirects to the main form settings tab when switching form while at any other form settings tab.
  • Updated post creation process to create post initially as a draft and then update to desired post status.
  • Updated SaveForm() in js.php to delete the data that should no longer be stored in the form meta from the form object: ‘notficadtion’, ‘notifications’, ‘autoResponder’, ‘confirmation’, and ‘confirmations’.
  • Updated JS GetFieldById() function to allow passing of input ID (i.e. “3.3”).
  • Fixed issue where merge tag drop down did not display items when a required extended name field was present.
  • Fixed issue with form duplication routine not duplicating confirmations and notifications.
  • Fixed issue with new notifications being created with the “enable conditional logic” checkbox checked.
  • Fixed issue with entry date timezone conversion when exporting entries.
  • Fixed script path issue when registering scripts by using get_base_url().
  • Fixed issue with calculating fields not working correctly when it contained another calculated field in its formula.
  • Fixed several issues with unlocalized strings.
  • Fixed issue with notification logging message.

So, for what you are thinking off? Update Gravity Forms Plugin to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of Gravity Forms then you can get it from here:

Gravity Forms V1.7.3 – WordPress Contact Form And Lead Management Plugin

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free Blog Setup Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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