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PayPlans 2.2.3 Released – Joomla Membership Software

A new version of PayPlans is released – PayPlans 2.2.3. This new version comes with new features & few bugs have been fixed. It is recommended that you must update PayPlans to latest version as soon as possible.

PayPlans 2.2.3 – Joomla Membership Software

Below you can find the number of changes have been made in this new version:

PayPlans 2.2.3 – What’s New?

  • Jreview app is created with listing submission and images upload restrictions.
  • Processing wheel is shown in credentials in app manager.
  • Modified comments in api files so as to generate api documents is proper package.
  • Data file is fetch through curl request and showing an error message if version is not compatible.
  • Restriction on section in SobiPro App is added.
  • All the transaction details are shown in trasaction params.
  • Version string added into renewal app.
  • Added Icon for Back-end Appmanager.
  • In PayPalPro App, paypalpro is not neccessary parameter.
  • Patch is created to uninstall mod_payplans_chart.
  • Charts library is removed.
  • The name of patch function cannot exceed from 45 words.
  • Some files in libraries (subscription,transaction,event/core) are modified.
  • Core file and language file is updated.
  • Code added in helpers/rewriter to get tokens at the time of Wallet Recharge.
  • App and group file of liberary are modified.
  • Added API for wallet,modifier,config.
  • Added functions getWallet(), getWallets(), getModifier(), getModifiers() in api.php.
  • Query is changed in widget display, in zoo app.
  • Order,subscription and sql files are changed.
  • Now error message and warning messages are shown at top of dashboard
  • Limit applied for calculating statistics data. Temporarily we will calculate data for 1 month.
  • Version string added into renewal app.
  • Bug fixed related to change log resizing on backend dashboard.
  • Bug fixed in Filters for back-end app manager.
  • Bug fixed in uninstallation of module.
  • Bug fixed in rewriter related to transaction.
  • Bug fixed in payflow related to, when plugin is enable but no app exist.
  • Bug fixed in prodiscount(URL discount).
  • In payflow, now we handle the case to get payments even when the app is unpublished but there exist its related active subscription
  • Bug fixed in Subscription details app and small change in Description.
  • Bug fixed in tos app.
  • Bug fixed in user edit screen. Order id was shown previously, now subscription id is displayed.
  • Bug fixed in Prodiscount App, changes on invoice were not reflected in case of URL discount.
  • Bug fixed in timer element. Added seconds html when microsubscription is enabled.
  • Language file mistakes PAYPALNS to PAYPLANS has been fixed.
  • In 2checkout app, case handled for invoice_status=deposited.

So, for what you are waiting for update PayPlans to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of PayPlans then you can get it from here:

PayPlans 2.2.3 – Joomla Membership Software

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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