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S2Member Pro v121213 Released

A new version of S2Member WordPress plugin is released – S2Member v121213. This new version comes with adding new features & fixing few bugs. It is recommended that you must update S2Member WordPress plugin to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating S2Member WordPress plugin to latest version backup all your files its because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup all your files in a single click.

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This new version is an maintenance release and below you can find the number of changes have been made in this new version:

S2Member v121213 – What’s New?

  • (Maintenance Release) Upgrade immediately.
  • Updated for compatibility with WordPress® v3.5. Backward compatibility remains for previous versions of WordPress®, as far back as WordPress® v3.2.
  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix. An issue first introduced in s2Member® Pro v120517 where we fixed problems with the maxlength attribute in Authorize.Net Pro Forms, left a remaining problem. The State/Province field in the Billing Address section of a Pro Form, since s2Member® Pro v120517, has only accepted 2 characters when it should have been capable of accepting up to 40 characters. Fixed in this release.
  • (s2Member / s2Member Pro) Compatibility. s2Member’s Multsite Network patches now support /wp-login.php in WordPress® v3.5. Discussed in this thread.
  • (s2Member / s2Member Pro) Compatibility. s2Member’s login customizations for /wp-login.php have been tweaked to support WordPress® v3.5.
  • (s2Member / s2Member Pro) Checksums. Each copy of s2Member® and s2Member® Pro now include a checksum.txt file in their root plugin directory. This file is used by server-scanning tools provided by WebSharks, Inc. This file simply serves to identify the state of the file structure upon each official release of the software.
  • (s2Member Pro) Bug Fix. Free Registration Pro Forms submitted without having payment gateway API credentials configured within s2Member® resulted in an on-site error message when there should NOT be one (because a site owner is dealing with Free Registration only in this scenario). Fixed in this release.

So, for what you are waiting for? Update S2Member to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of S2Member WordPress Plugin then you can get it from here:

S2Member Pro v121213 – WordPress Membership Plugin

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free Blog Setup Service which comes with lots of unlimited & amazing features.

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