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Soliloquy Thesis Box Addon

Thesis 2.0 is released and you know that it comes with custom drag-and-drop addition of boxes. A new box add-on is released actually – Thesis Box Addon, it allows you to drag-and-drop position your sliders into your custom Thesis templates. So, if you are a Thesis user, then get this add-on from here:

Soliloquy Thesis Box Addon

Below you can find the complete guide on how to install Thesis Box Addon.

Here are some instructions on installing the Soliloquy Thesis Box:

  1. Download the Box using the link above.
  2. From your Thesis 2.0 admin screen, hover over the “Boxes” menu link and click on the “Select Boxes” link.
  3. Click on the “Upload Box” button, navigate to the downloaded zip file and upload the file by clicking on the “Add Box” button.
  4. Exit out of the upload screen, tick the checkbox beside the Soliloquy box and click the “Save Boxes” button.
  5. Now go to your Skin Editor, click on the select area inside of the “Add Boxes” box on right-hand column of your template editor, select “Soliloquy” and then hit “Add Box”.
  6. Drag and drop your Soliloquy box wherever you would like it to go, hover over it and click on the Options cog and select the slider that you want to display in that area.
  7. Make sure you click the “Save Template” green button at the top once you are done and you are all set!

So, for what you are waiting for, download Soliloquy Thesis Box Addon right now:

Download Soliloquy Thesis Box Addon

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