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T-evolution – WordPress Plugin From Templatic Theme Club

T-evolution is a premium plugin from Templatic Theme Club and it is only available for club members. If you are not a club member, then become one and download this plugin from here

Sign-Up Link for Templatic Theme Club

This plugin is specifically designed to enable advanced functionality such as custom fields management, bulk upload, monetization options, custom post type/taxonomy management & much more, the plugin is modular, meaning you can turn off any feature that you do not need.

T-evolution Features

  • Custom post types/taxonomies – Since most of our themes come with custom post types and taxonomies, “How to add another post type/taxonomy?” is a question we hear a lot. While not impossible, it was far from convenient or easy. In T-evolution you can create as many post types as you want! Each post type you add comes with (automatically generated) matching widget areas. The second you add a new post type, the plugin will automatically create 3 new sidebar areas (for detail, listing and submit form pages). Of course, appropriate back-end section will be created as well (see image below). The best thing about this functionality is how it seamlessly integrates with custom fields and price packages…
  • Monetization and price packages – Price Packages in our previous themes were pretty flexible but there was still room for improvement. In T-evolution they have been expanded to enable subscription options as well as single-submission price packages. This will enable you to set up a price package that charges the user for a single submission and another one that enables him/her to submit a fixed (or unlimited) number of listings in a preset time frame. The best part about price packages in T-evolution is that you can create new packages for all the custom post types you added.
  • Each package is both taxonomy and term (category) specific. Along with price packages, coupons were also improved. Now you can set coupons to last a limited amount of time (set a start/end date).
  • Custom Fields – The custom fields functionality originally provided in GeoPlaces v4 was pretty advanced so we continued to build upon it. In T-evolution custom fields were again improved and refined even further. Just like price packages, all created custom fields will work with all your custom post types. They are both taxonomy and category specific. Along with the search and detail page, now you can show custom fields inside success pages (pages that show after content submission), listing pages, WordPress back-end and even emails!
  • Improved Bulk Upload/Export functionality – now with the ability to update existing listings!
  • Custom Page templates – setup your submit, map and advanced search pages easily using custom page templates
  • Currency options – select any currency symbol and code
  • PayPal payment gateway – with options to install new ones
  • Advanced transaction management – now comes with search functionality (inside the back-end)
  • User Custom Fields – with specific options for showing the field on Registration, Edit and User Dashboard page
  • Advanced anti spam optionsWP-reCAPTCHA and PlayThru support
  • Claim Ownership functionality – it’s possible to enable it for all available post types
  • Security Settings – block specific IP addresses or enable SSL for register and submit pages
  • Social Media sharing options – Google+, Facebook and Twitter buttons can be included inside post detail pages

So, for what you are waiting for, get T-evolution WordPress Plugin right now:

T-evolution WordPress Plugin from Templatic Theme Club

If you have any query let me know via comments & do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which come with lots of unlimited & amazing features.

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