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WooFramework v5.5.0

WooThemes released a new version of WooFramework – WooFramework v5.5.0. This new version comes with new features & few features have been removed. It is recommended to all users that they must update WooFramework to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating WooFramework to latest version make sure that you backup all your files, even though if you messed up with something then you can easily back it up in no time.

BackupBuddy – WordPress Backup And Restore Plugin

WooFramework 5.5.0 comes with lots of cleaning & a few important maintenance updates like removal of WooSEO and the Sidebar Manager from the WooFramework core. In addition to above features, WP App Store is also removed from WooFramework core.

WooFramework 5.5.0 – What’s New?

  • Removed WooSEO in favour of WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • Removed Sidebar Manager in favour of WooSidebars
  • Removed WP App Store installer
  • Updated woo_pagination() function to better handle pagination of search queries and advanced term archive URLs
  • Updated woo_image() function to better handle cases where the image height isn’t specified
  • Code maintenance in the “Backup Settings” file. Remove WooSEO and Sidebar Manager data from the backup options.

So, for what you are thinking, update WooFramework to latest version as soon as possible & if you do not have your copy of WooFramework then you can get it from here:

WooFramework v5.5.0

If you have any query let me know via comments & do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited & amazing features.

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