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YJ K2 Image Slider Joomla Plugin From YouJoomla

YJ K2 is a image slider Joomla Plugin from YouJoomla. This plugin allows you to create image gallery from selected images and showcase them in beautiful Mootools slider. The best thing I like about this plugin is that, the built-in SimpleSlide plugin template allows you to adjust your slider width/height, add unlimited number of images, and you can choose multiple transitions & more. This extension is perfect for any web concept or anyone who needs to present more than one image within their news items.

YJ K2 Image Slider Extension Features

  • Use custom plugin templates
  • Unlimited number of images
  • Select from fade/scroll/scrollfade transitions
  • Turn on/of auto slide on page load
  • Adjust slide time and duration to your own preferences
  • Adjust slider height and width
  • Easy slider settings access with K2 Item settings tab
  • Chose different slider positions locations
  • Modal image preview in admin item view

All these features and many more features make YJ K2 Image Slider a must have Joomla Plugin. So, for what you are thinking off? Grab this plugin as soon as possible:

YJ K2 Image Slider Joomla Plugin From YouJoomla

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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