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ecoStrips – Pinterest Style WordPress Theme From iDesignEco

ecoStrips is a premium WordPress Theme from iDesignEco. It is a Pintertest style theme and it is idle to showcase your posts in a slick, dynamic wall & arranges itself beautifully based on the user’s screen size. In addition to this, it is bundled with ‘Dynamic Filter’ plugin, this plugin lets your users filter your post dynamically with one click. It is a funky theme which is packed with features like responsive layout, numbers of post displayed on homepage, built-in dynamic post filter widget, custom pages templates and widgets and many more.




  • Post mashups – A large mashup of your posts on a dynamic Pinterest like wall. Watch the wall reorganize itself based on the user’s screen size.
  • Dynamic content filter – With the bundled dynamic post filter widget, your users can filter your wall of posts in real time to see only the categories they want
  • HTML5 & CSS3 – Utilises the power of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies!
  • Browser compatibility – All ecoThemes are tested across popular modern browsers to ensure compatibility. We try to achieve compatibility by employing standards and not using any browser-specific hacks.
  • Theme settings – All our themes come with backend administration panel where you can customize various aspects of the theme. Our theme admin panels easy to use and clutter free.
  • Clean code – If you are a developer, you’ll love our code. They are clean, well structured and semantic. Our themes come with a bunch of special theme specific functions that will make customizing the theme a breeze.
  • ecoWidgets – Enhance your site with the bundled ecoWidgets (ecoSocial, ecoBanner etc.). For instance, ecoSocial integrates your Twitter updates, Feedburner feeds and sharing options for dozens and dozens of social media sites. All our themes have a dynamic sidebar and footerbar which you can populate with widgets.
  • Super compact, super fast – All our themes are super lite in size and super fast. That is, on average, 175 KB. We love simplicity!
  • Even more stuff – Our themes make your wordpress content more manageable. Using the theme settings, you can choose what content to display and what not: Sidebar on pages or blogs; Meta information etc. Change background, text, sidebar etc. colors from within theme settings. If you have large images, use the in-built dynamic image resizer to tame them and fit your screen.

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