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[How-To Guide] Change and Edit Footer In Genesis WordPress Theme

Genesis Theme Framework – one of the best theme framework because of its SEO features and easy to customize options. I have no reason to hate this Theme Framework and child themes are too good which offer you to customize your site within minutes. Already, I have shared

How to Install Genesis Theme Framework from WordPress Dashboard

How to Install Genesis Child Theme from WordPress Dashboard

Customize Genesis Theme Like a Pro Using Genesis Simple Hook WordPress Plugin

All these articles help you to get started with Genesis Theme framework and if you have not get your copy of Genesis Theme Framework, then get it now

Sign-Up Link for Genesis Theme Framework


In this post I’m sharing how to edit and change the footer credit link in Genesis Theme Framework because I do not like the default Genesis Footer Link and here is the post showing you how to edit Footer Link in Genesis WordPress Theme.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin and go to “Genesis” tab and click on “Simple Hooks” as shown below:


Step2: When you click on “Simple Hooks” (in step 1), it open a new window (shown below) and go to “genesis_footer” Hook.


Step3: Now copy this code and paste this code in this hook.

<div class=”gototop”>

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”#wrap”>Return to Top of page</a>

<div class=”creds”>

Copyright © <?php echo date(‘Y’); ?> <a href=”http://www.webguide4u.com”>WebGuide4U</a>
WebGuide4U proudly powered by <a href=http://www.wordpress.org/>WordPress</a>. Built on <a href=”http://www.webguide4u.com/offer/genesis/“>Genesis Framework</a> and Hosted on <a href=”http://www.webguide4u.com/hostgator“>Hostgator</a> </p>


Step4: After pasting this code, do not forget to check all the options as shown below and click on “Save Changes” button to save the changes made by you.


Step5: Congratulations, you have successfully changed and edited footer in Genesis WordPress Theme Framework.

If you have not get your copy of Genesis Theme Framework, then get it now

Sign-Up Link for Genesis Theme Framework

If you have any query, let me know in comment section and do not forget to follow on “Twitter” for instant updates on more tutorials.


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  • Adrienne

    Hi Vivek,

    Nice post and I love the way you easily walk everyone through how to implement these changes. I have thought about possibly purchasing the Genesis theme for this particular blog. I use Thesis on my main blog and I’m pretty happy with it but only bought one license. So would you say that it’s pretty easy to work with? I do need easy!! LOL!!!

    Can I ask you something else while I’m here since you seem to be a really smart guy when it comes to WordPress and I could really use some input? I want to incorporate the bio box at the end of my post like you have on this one. The only plug-in I’ve found is the FB Signature plug-in but I’m not really happy with the way it looks or how it shows on my blog. Do you have any recommendation? Sure appreciate it!

    Thanks for this scoop and I’ll see you again soon.


    • Hello Adrienne, Yep Genesis is easy to customize because of child themes, they are easy to customize and widgets help you to simply drag and drop and in no time you will get the desired layout.
      You can buy genesis theme using this link http://www.webguide4u.com/offer/StudioPress/ (my affiliate link) or you can contact me because i have developer license with me and can use it on any number of sites.

      Sure you can ask anything related to WordPress and Webhosting. No, i’m not that smart. You can use this to add author profile box like me

      Well i will try my level best to minimize the use of plugins as this has several disadvantages.
      Sure, will be looking forward to hear more from you.

  • Kesha @ small business website design

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for the past hour!! This is my first time using Genesis so I was totally confused where the footer info was!

    Thanks again for creating this post for us noobies to Genesis 🙂

    • @Kesha: At WebGuide4U i try to help newbies so that they do not face any problem like i face when i started.
      Genesis is of the great theme i recently get and have to say i’m enjoying it.

  • hey Vivek,
    I’m using the Agency theme with Genesis, and there is no “Simple Hooks” tab.There IS a a place to put Footer codes in under “Theme Settings”.
    It says Enter scripts/code you would like output to wp_footer():
    The only problem, when I put the code you suggested in, it comes up BELOW the footer, which looks bad and it doesn’t changed the existing links. Any ideas?
    This is my site I’m working on now.


    • Hello Nat,
      I have not try this on Agency Child Theme. Thanks for letting me know. if there is an issue i will come up with a post which help you to solve this issue.

  • Martina

    Hi, I’m using the Elle child theme and I also don’t have an option for “Simple Hooks”. I’m having a lot of trouble finding where to edit my footer!

    • Hi Martina,
      Thanks for letting me know your problem. Simple Hook is a genesis plugin, you can download it from WordPress Plugin Library and install it and after it go through this tutorial.
      If problems still persists let me know further. Will be glad to help you out.

      • Martina

        THANK YOU! I am building my first Wordpress site (I had used MovableType for years and I’m finally switching over), and you have been so helpful. Now I understand and it’s working great!

        I truly appreciate your help.

        • Hi Martina,
          Glad that it helped you out. WordPress is great and if you need and help regarding WordPress or Genesis let me know anytime.

  • Yatin

    It helped , thank you !! 😀

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