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Formidable MailChimp 1.0rc1 Released

A new version of Formidable MailChimp Add-on is released – Formidable MailChimp 1.0rc1. This new add-on comes with adding new features and fixing few bugs. It is recommended to all users that they must update Formidable MailChimp add-on to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Formidable MailChimp add-on to latest version make sure that you backup your website its because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your website in a single click.

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Below you can find the complete changelog of latest version of Formidable MailChimp Add-On:

Formidable MailChimp 1.0rc1 – What’s New?

  • Send checkboxes to MailChimp as a comma-separated list instead of an array
  • Send dates in yyyy-mm-dd format
  • Remove conflict with saving settings if caching plugins are activated
  • Allow empty group settings
  • Update conditional logic to allow fields with separate values

So, for what you are waiting for? Update Formidable MailChimp Add-On to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of Formidable MailChimp Add-On then you can get it from here:

Formidable MailChimp Add-On V1.0RC1

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