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Free WordPress Installation

It is one of the obvious questions for anyone in this blogosphere “why would someone want us to install the WordPress?” Installing a wordpress blog is just a one click installation from fantastico in cpanel. If it is a one click installation then you are totally wrong on this one and have a big misconception on this. WordPress is one of the most popular and the best blogging platform ever. So to extract the maximum benefit of your blog you need some plugins and the techniques required to make it friendlier for search engine, additionally we also provide extra features from our side.

free wordpress installation

Since we are already in WordPress and SEO business and our tips and techniques help you out to make your blog more SEO friendly. This whole setup will also feature that how would you target the user present in this blogosphere and allows you to experience the joy of blogging.

I would like to say that don’t waste your time on the web in learning and making mistakes. Just forward this work in the hands of professionals; they will do the entire work for you. We know that how a beginner gets frustrated and leaves the blogging, this thing we never want to commit by anyone. So we are offering a professional help for you so that you can start with professional blogging easily.

Now one of the questions that is haunting your mind is “What is Included in the Free WordPress Setup Package”?

Well the answer is here in the simplified form:

  • Complete WordPress Installation
  • Optimization of your Blog for Search Engines
  • Tips to Increase your Search Engines Ranking Position
  • Making your Blog More Secure
  • Automate Daily Backups for safety.
  • Setup a Professional Email (Email id on your domain name like admin@webguide4u.com)
  • Making your Blog a Revenue Sharing Blog (If you are planning to allow guest article posting)
  • Setup Feedburner account to handle your RSS Subscribers.
  • Setup Google Webmasters account to control your WordPress Blog
  • Setup of Google Analytic account to track the statistics for your WordPress Blog
  • Setup of Google Adsense account for your WordPress Blog
  • Setup Email Subscription Option and Embed it in your Blog
  • Free Support via messenger and Email

I think so that this will clear out your doubts and convinced to handle this job for us.

If you are still not convinced then we have results for you to show and these results will surely convince you.


Since you all know that WebGuide4U is a niche oriented blog which will provide information on Photoshop, Web Designing Languages, Webhosting tips and tricks, Thesis Theme Customization and WordPress. Since we are already in the SEO business, the techniques I have learned and gained by my own experience are used on this blog to look different in the blogosphere.

If you haven’t believed than see the result, it is already here in front of your eyes. Without having a single article this blog will get the Google Page Rank 2. Now you may trust on us and it totally convince you to install the WordPress by professionals.

page rank

Now you may want to ask why we are doing it for free? Is there any motto behind this or something else?

Well all your questions are useless. We are doing it totally free for you, that means you don’t have not spend a single coin for us.

All you have to do is to sign up with one of the WordPress Hosing Services present on the web. Remember that you must use our link provided on the page Best WordPress Hosting Sites. These hosting services will be the reward in return from your side to us. By signing-up with that link you are getting a good hosting deal but also a professional to do all the work for you and the access to the services free of cost. These services will help you to boost your blog and the dreams you have seen before starting a blog.

So Good Luck to all!