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Genesis 1.8 Beta And 25% Discount Coupon Code

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Finally after a much Genesis 1.8 is Beta is released and it is available for users to test on their demo sites or on local environment. It is recommended that to not use this beta version on love sites and this new version of Genesis comes with lots of features. In addition to this several changes have been made, few bugs fixes, all of them are listed below:

New Look for Genesis

As you can see, the default look for Genesis has been updated. We’ve also added 2 media queries to the style sheet, which makes it mobile responsive for devices such as iPad and iPhone. We’ve also consolidated some of the CSS required for menus.

New features with Genesis 1.8

There are number of things were fixed, added and modified. One of the biggest features that we’ve added is the color styles function.

Many child themes have color styles, which are currently being made available by code that’s included in the child theme’s function file as well as an additional file found within a ‘lib’ folder. The new code that is required in the child themes would like this:

/** Create additional color style options */

add_theme_support( 'genesis-style-selector', array( 'agentpress-gray' => 'Gray', 'agentpress-green' => 'Green', 'agentpress-red' => 'Red', 'agentpress-tan' => 'Tan' ) );

As with all functions that end up being placed into a number of child themes (custom header, footer widgets, etc.) we’ve extracted that code out of them and placed it in to Genesis core.

User Interface

  • Improved admin labels by reducing conspicuousness (basically, removing “Genesis” from several headings also displayed on WordPress.com installs).
  • Improved image dimensions dropdown to display to use correct multiplication character, not the letter x.
  • Improved label relationships with the for attribute to make them explicitly linked as per accessibility best practices.
  • Improved top buttons to work better with non-English languages.
  • Improved metabox order on Theme Settings page.
  • Added new color scheme / style metabox on Theme Settings page which child themes can use instead of building their own.
  • Added setting to enable / disable breadcrumbs on attachment pages.
  • Added Genesis features to post and page editors via post type support, instead of hard-coding – you can now disable the inpost metaboxes by removing post type support with a single line of code.
  • Added separate custom title and description on term archives (displayed content defaults to existing title and description if not customized further).


  • Fixed issue with incorrect CSS being output for custom header text color.
  • Improved specific case CSS for input buttons with more generic selectors.
  • Improved styles for new default Genesis appearance, including responsive design.
  • Improved classes used for menus to be more consistent with WP, and allow simpler selectors.
  • Added vendor-prefixed border-radius properties.


  • Improved eNews widget to now pass WP locale to Feedburner, instead of hard-coded en_US.
  • Improved “Header Right” widget area to display as “Header Left” if right-to-left language is used.
  • Improved the image alignment option “None” by giving it a value of alignnone in featured post and page widgets.
  • Improved user profile author dropdown to only show actual authors, not all users.
  • Added posts-link class to user profile widget to accompany the now deprecated posts_link class.
  • Added extended page link text setting for the user profile widget. No longer hard-coded as “[Read more…]
  • Added warning to Genesis Page and Category Menu widget descriptions, to gently deprecate them (use WP Custom Menu widget instead).
  • Removed settings form from Genesis Page and Category Menu widgets, to further deprecate them.


  • Fixed escaping of some values in theme settings.
  • Fixed rare add_query_arg() bug by not passing it an encoded URL.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate canonical tags in the head when an SEO plugin is active.
  • Fixed missing second and third parameters when applying the widget_title filter.
  • Fixed empty anchor in post_author_posts_link shortcode function.
  • Fixed clash with grid loop features and features taxonomy (as in AgentPress Listings plugin).
  • Improved submit button markup by using submit_button() instead of hard-coding it.
  • Improved structural wrap usage.
  • Improved code quality by refactoring widget defaults into the constructor to avoid duplication.
  • Improved some functions to return earlier if conditions aren’t correct.
  • Improved genesis_strip_attr() to accept a string for the elements arguments.
  • Improved featured post widget performance by sanitizing byline with kses on save, not output.
  • Improved taxonomy term performance by sanitizing description on save, not output.
  • Improved comment_form() by passing filterable comment form args.
  • Improved genesis_admin_redirect() by eliminating multiple calls to add_query_arg().
  • Improved order of the notice checks to avoid the reset notice still showing after saving settings.
  • Improved genesis_custom_loop() by refactoring it to use genesis_standard_loop().
  • Improved notice to actually check if settings save was actually successful or not.
  • Improved custom post type (CPT) archive breadcrumb by only linking if CPT has an archive.
  • Improved post date title attribute for hEntry by using HTML5-compatible format.
  • Improved _genesis_update_settings() by moving it to the correct file.
  • Improved code organisation by moving general sanitization functions to the sanitization file from theme settings file.
  • Improved code organisation by moving per-page sanitization code to the related admin page class.
  • Added Genesis_Admin classes – a set of 1+3 abstract classes from which all Genesis admin pages now extend from.
  • Added genesis_is_menu_page() helper function to check we’re targeting a specific admin page.
  • Added new genesis_widget_area() helper function for use in child themes.
  • Added author value to rel attribute for author link shortcode functions.
  • Added ability to make nav menu support conditional.
  • Added search form label filter, so themes can add a visual label in if they wish.
  • Added filter to disable edit post / page link.
  • Added filter to Content Archives display types.
  • Added filter to the options sent to wp_remote_post() when doing an update check.
  • Added filter on custom header defaults.
  • Added filters for term meta.
  • Added filters for previous and next links text.
  • Added genesis_formatting_kses() to be used as a filter function.
  • Removed now-deprecated functions from lib/functions/admin.php and deprecated file.
  • Removed duplicated custom post class handling code.
  • Removed (deprecated) genesis_filter_attachment_image_attributes() function as WP has since improved.
  • Removed genesis_load_styles() as it was an empty function that was never used.
  • Removed remaining PHP4-compatible class constructor names in favor of __construct().


  • Fixed variable name under which JavaScript strings are localized, from genesis to genesisL10n to be consistent with WordPress practices.
  • Improved admin.js with a complete rewrite to separate functions from events, make functions re-usable under genesis namespace, switch to using on() method for jQuery 1.7.1 and ensure all event bindings are namespaced.
  • Improved ability to amend togglable settings by moving the config to PHP where they can be more easily filtered, before sending to JavaScript.
  • Improved admin scripts to only on the appropriate admin pages.


  • Fixed license compatibility for child themes by changing license from “GPLv2″ to “GPLv2 (or later)”.
  • Improved theme screenshot.
  • Improved favicon.
  • Improved default footer wording credits.
  • Improved readme content with Header Right info.
  • Added crop parameter to return value of genesis_get_image_sizes().
  • Removed unnecessary check for WPSEO plugin to re-enable title and description output on term archive pages when WPSEO is active.
  • Removed SEO options that remove some of the relationship link tags from the head. See [18680] for more info.

Documentation, Code Standards and Translations

  • Fixed missing text-domain for footer widget area description, post author link shortcode, and user profile widget.
  • Fixed the Scribe notice to be translatable.
  • Improved documentation by moving warning message in top-level files to outside of docblocks so they don’t count as short descriptions.
  • Improved code so it is now written to WordPress Code Standards, programmatically testable via WordPress Code Sniffs.
  • Improved translation of strings by extracting <code> bits to simplify them and reduce the number of unique strings to translate.
  • Added a complete overhaul of docblock documentation at the page-, class-, method- and function-level.

Reporting Bugs with Genesis 1.8 Beta

If you are testing Genesis 1.8 Beta and would like to report a bud, please reply to this thread on our forums. Please do not use that for feature requests, as we are done adding those into Genesis.

Its recommended that do not use this on live site and if you haven’t purchased Genesis yet, then get it right now:

Download Link for Genesis 1.8

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.


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