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Genesis Extender 1.4 Released With New Features And Fixing Bugs

A new version of Genesis Extender released – Genesis Extender 1.4 and you can download the latest version of Genesis Extender plugin for free from members area or you can update it for free from WordPress admin panel via automatic update. It is a maintenance release which comes by adding new features & fixing bugs in earlier version. It is recommended to all users that they must update Genesis Extender to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Genesis Extender to latest version make sure that you backup your files & database it’s because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your files & database in a single click. To backup files & database personally I recommend BackupBuddy.

BackupBuddy – WordPress Backup And Restore Plugin

Below you can find the number of changes made in the latest version of Genesis Extender Plugin:


Genesis Extender 1.4 – What’s New?

  • Made the Genesis Extender admin sections fully responsive to be more inline with the WordPress 3.8 responsive UI update. This allows for WP Dashboard use on tablets and mobile devices.
  • Added syntax highlighting and line numbering to the Extender Custom > Custom CSS, Functions and Javascript options.
  • Added a “Search” feature for the Custom Options making it much more efficient to sort through your Custom Templates, Hook Boxes, etc.. to find the one you’re looking for.
  • Removed the “View This Template” and “View This Hook Box” buttons as the new Search feature makes these unnecessary.
  • Made it so Custom Widget Areas and Custom Hook Boxes can be named using non-slug-names so now capital letters and spaces are allowed.
  • Moved all of the [?]Tooltip content out of Extender and into knowledge base articles. So now when you click on the [?]Tooltips in the Extender admin page they will open a new tab in your browser to the appropriate knowledge base article. This will allow for more in-depth tooltip content and make it so we can update them without having to wait until the next update is pushed out.
  • Fixed a bug where the Custom stylesheet was being enqueued when the Front-end CSS Builder is active, causing the styles to not update in real-time when deleting CSS in the front-end editor.
  • Fixed a bug where backslashes were getting stripped in Custom CSS when moving from front-end to back-end versions.
  • Fixed a Front-end CSS Builder highlight feature bug where initial highlighting doesn’t work when element labels are clicked.

All these changes and regular updates make Genesis Extender a must have plugin for customizing genesis child themes without having any knowledge of any designing languages. So, for what you are waiting? Update Genesis Extender Plugin to latest version as soon as possible. If you do not own Genesis Extender plugin, then you can get it from here:

Genesis Extender 1.4

If you have any query do let me know via comments!

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