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[How-To Guide] Add Google Analytics Tracking Code In WooThemes

WordPress most popular and widely used CMS which is used for making websites in couple of minutes and WooThemes allows you to turn these websites into professional looking websites in no time. For those who do not know WooThemes is one of the most popular theme club which offers free as well as premium WordPress Theme at cheaper price. If you have not get your copy of WooThemes, then get it right now:

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Already, I have shared how to create Google Analytics account and how to install WooThemes and now in this articles I’m sharing how to add Google Analytics Tracking Code in WooThemes.

As I’m new to WooThemes and working on one of my site and finds that without prior knowledge of any framework its hard to work on it. So, I spend a lot of time understanding WooThemes and will be coming up with series of tutorials on WooThemes. Here is quick guide which shows you to add Google Analytics in no time.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel, then go to “Canvas” tab (that’s the theme name – that I’m using may be different for you) and click on “Theme Options” as shown below:


Step2: Now you have to copy Google Analytics Tracking Code and after copying it, paste this code in “Tracking Code” as shown below. After pasting the code click on “Save All Changes” button.


Step3: Congratulations, you have successfully added Google Analytics Tracking Code in WooThemes.

If you have not get your membership of WooThemes, then get it right now:

Sign-Up Link for WooThemes

If you have any query let me know via comments or get in touch using Free WordPress Installation Service.

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