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Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On v1.3 Released

A new version of Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On is released – Authorize.Net Add-On v1.3. This new version comes with new features & bug fixing and it is recommended that you must upgrade Gravity Forms Authorize.net Add-On v1.3 to latest version as soon as possible. Before updating Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On to latest make sure you backup all your wp files, even though if you mess-up with any of wp files, then you can easily back it up in no time.

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This new version introduces new features & functionality as well as compatibility with ManageWP’s automatic update functionality. In this new version, they have added ability to define a Setup Free when configuring your Authorize.Net settings. This allows you to define a Product Field that will act as a Setup Fee. The Setup Fee only be applied on an initial payment and will not be calculated as part of the recurring payment of a subscription. In addition to this, functionality to define the Authorize.Net API settings on a per feed basis also added. This allows you to override the default API settings on a feed by feed basis should the need arise. Below you can find the complete changelog of this new version.

What’s new in Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On v1.3

  • Added support for setup fee.
  • Added support for changing API on a feed by feed basis.
  • Added support for Manage WP.
  • Fixed issue with cancel subscription button not showing up correctly.
  • Fixed debug notice messages.
  • Fixed typo on settings page.

So, for what you are waiting for, update Authorize.Net Add-On to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of Authorise.Net Add-On, then get one from here:

Gravity Forms Authorize.Net Add-On v1.3


The Authorize.Net Add-On is only available to Gravity Forms Developer license customers. So, if you do not have Developers license, then get one from here:

Gravity Forms Developers License

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