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Gravity Forms v1.6.7 Released

A new version of Gravity Forms is released – Gravity Forms v1.6.7 and it is recommended that you should update Gravity Forms to latest version as soon as possible. You can update Gravity Forms via automatic update or you can download the newer version from here. Before updating Gravity Forms to latest version make sure that you backup all your theme files and if something went wrong, then you can easily backup your files in no time.

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This update is released to address an issues users have encountered with ThemeForest themes, i.e., problems with JavaScript functionality in Gravity Forms. This issue is caused by themes that incorporate code that changes core WordPress behavior and negatively impacts Gravity Forms behavior in the process. Below you can see the number of changes have been made in this newer version.


What’s New

  • Updated German translation file.
  • Updated “Edit Forms” menu navigation/page to be “Forms”.
  • Implemented workaround to resolve conflict with raw shortcode present in ThemeForest themes that causes JavaScript error on AJAX forms’
  • Fixed issue with textarea counter on IE9 by moving script to the header instead of footer.
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic when target was set to 0.
  • Fixed issue when duplicating textareas with line breaks in their description.

So, for what you are waiting for, update Gravity Forms to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of Gravity Forms, then get one from here:

Gravity Forms v1.6.7 Released

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