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Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v1.4 Released

Today, Gravity Forms released a new version of PayPal add-on and it is now available via automatic update. Now, Gravity Forms comes with the ability to configure multiple PayPal Feeds for a single form and allow you to configure a form that has multiple PayPal options to choose from. For example, if you want a form that allows the user to choose between a monthly or yearly subscription, you can now accomplish that with a single form. When creating multiple PayPal Feeds for the form, you need to make use of the PayPal Condition option on each PayPal Feed to determine which one is executed. The PayPal Condition acts as conditional logic to determine which PayPal Feed will be used for that form submission based on selections made by the user. Remember, this add-on is only available to Gravity Forms Developer license holders

What’s New

  • Added support for multiple feeds to be created for a form. Feed to be executed will be determined by the configured PayPal Condition when the form is submitted.
  • Added feed_id and gateway type to entry meta to facilitate integration with other Add-Ons.
  • Added logging support.
  • Updated get_product_query_string() to include quantity when calculating the total.
  • Increased timeout value used when sending IPN message to PayPal for validation.
  • Fixed debug notices.
  • Fixed issue where RG_CURRENT_PAGE constant was not available when GF is deactivated.
  • Fixed issue with drop down values being displayed on PayPal pages, instead of text.

So, for what you are waiting for? Upgrade it right now to latest version as soon as possible. Remember, the PayPal Add-On is only available to Developer License owners and if you don’t own a Gravity Forms Developer license then get it right now or you may download the PayPal Add-On via the Add-On manager in Gravity Forms or via the Add-On download page

Download Link for Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v1.4

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