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Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On v1.3 Released

Today, Gravity Forms have released a new version of User Registration Add-On v1.3  and it now available via automatic update. It is recommended that update to latest version as soon as possible as it comes with new features and fixing few bugs. In this new version, new feed options added which gives you greater control over the user that is created. Now, you can control the display name format of the new user and and added more granular control of the user’s role when creating new users in a Multi-Site environment. In addition to this, this release also brings support for updated to the PayPal Add-On to support multiple PayPal Feeds for a single form.

User Registration Add-On v1.3

  • Added option to feed to allow user to specify the display name of the created user.
  • Added option to select role of new user on new site.
  • Added option to select role of new user on existing site.
  • Added “gform_site_created” hook which triggers after a site has been created.
  • Updated PayPal integration to support multiple PayPal feeds with the same form.
  • Updated the “Custom Registration Page” functionality to also override BP Register page.
  • Updated function for adding user properties to prevent removal of password.
  • Updated functionality to add website user property correctly.
  • Fixed issue when Authorize.net and PayPal feeds were configured on the same form. The PayPal feed was being used sometimes even though the PayPal condition wasn’t met.
  • Fixed issue where inactive feeds were still being processed.
  • Added several additional parameters to the “gform_username” hook.
  • Fixed issue where translation files were only being loaded for admin.
  • Fixed several notices with BuddyPress integration.
  • Fixed notices on the PayPal Transaction Settings for the User Registration section.
  • Fixed issue where RG_CURRENT_PAGE constant was not available when GF is deactivated.
  • Fixed several PHP notices.
  • Fixed issue where validation was being processed regardless of a registration condition.
  • Fixed issue where $entry object was not being passed when checking if registration condition was met.
  • Fixed issue where GF was calling “gform_post_submission” hook prior to add-on tying function to it.

So, for what you are waiting for ? Upgrade now to latest version as soon as possible. Remember, the User Registration Add-On is only available to Developer License owners and if you do not own a Gravity Forms Developer license, then purchase it right now or you may download the User Registration Add-On via the Add-On manager in Gravity Forms or via the Add-On download page

Download Link for Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On v1.3

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