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Headway Themes 3.0 33% Discount Coupon Code

Finally after a long wait, Headway 3.0 announced and it is available for purchase & download in member’s area. It is a premium theme framework which offers you to create professional looking website in couple of minutes and that too without any knowledge of CSS and PHP. Headway is not just a WordPress Theme, it is a total website design tool which allows you to create anything you want like websites, landing pages, blogs, online magazines and many multiple niche websites.

Headway 3.0 has been rebuilt and comes with new features, performance improvements, simple enough for newbies and powerful enough for advanced users. The best thing I like about Headway 3.0 is that it, it gives you a feeling of next generation in website and blog building tools. In simple words, great web design has never been faster or more flexible and Headway 3.0 makes this possible. Headway is a premium theme framework and to make your decision even more easier before purchase, in this post I’m sharing 33% discount coupon code but before that I would like to share number of features you get with every copy of Headway 3.0.

Headway 3.0 Features

  • Headway has been Totally Rebuilt from scratch. Its optimized code base provides for faster performance.
  • Headway now supports Child Themes.
  • The Layout Grid lets you design your website simply by drawing rectangles live on the page, no coding necessary. These blocks can be used to orient your header, navigation, content sections and more. Headway is a drag-and-drop framework.
  • The Visual Editor lets you specify fonts, colors, backgrounds and other elements (again, without coding). You can even create rounded corners and drop shadows. Changes are shown live on your screen.
  • Headway has Search Engine Optimization features. In 3.0, they have added rel=author for author links because of Google’s announcement that they will give more weight to XFN information in their rankings.
  • For Developers, the Live CSS editor now has syntax color-coding and the Blocks API makes it possible to create custom block types. Custom blocks can also be sold on the Headway Marketplace.

All these features make Headway a must have theme and this discount coupon offers you to save 33% on total billing. Below you can see the new pricing of Headway Themes (All packages entitle you to use it on multiple website)

New Pricing and 33% Off Coupon

  • Base ($68) – you get the Headway 3.0 framework and one year of support/updates.
  • Standard ($174) – same as Base plus three child themes.
  • All-Access ($378) – same as Base plus all child themes for one year.
  • Lifetime Pass ($587) – lifetime access to past and future child themes, lifetime updates/support, plus a few other perks.

Well the prices are pretty good but too high for Lifetime Pass, so to save a lot of amount of money and do not want to renew again, grab Lifetime Pass Package as it allows you to save lot of amount of money while renewing your license every year. After, a wait here is the working discount coupon code of Headway 3.0.


Sign-Up Link for Headway Themes || (Coupon Code: HW33)

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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