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Headway 3.1.1 Released

Few days back a new version of Headway Themes is released – Headway 3.1.1. This new version comes with addition of new features, changes and bug fixation. It is recommended to update your Headway to latest version as soon as possible, Before updating Headway to latest version, backup your site and if you are looking for a great, reliable solution for backups, we highly recommend BackupBuddy. Below you can see the complete changelog of version 3.1.1.

Download Headway Themes

Change log


  • Added a small indicator beside layouts that have children in the Layout Selector
  • Headway now makes sure WordPress 3.2 (or higher) and PHP 5.2 (or higher) are installed
  • The Visual Editor now invokes a warning if you try to access it using Internet Explorer


  • Added public/protected/private and static (if applicable) in front of methods/properties in every single class.
  • Custom Code, Media, and third-party blocks now do not output their content in the Grid. This keeps bad custom code from breaking the Visual Editor.
  • Re-added CSS “overflow: hidden;” to all blocks
  • Significantly decreased the opacity of the block type text overlay in the Grid mode and made the block dimensions tooltip transparent.
  • When hovering over a block, the delay (where you have to hold your cursor in the block) is more than 2x longer to invoke the block dimensions tooltip
  • All block types now mirror when the layout is cloned via the Grid Wizard. Previously, the Content blocks would not be mirrored.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to the Grid Renderer. With the improvements in 3.1, some layouts that should’ve been possible weren’t rendering correctly.
  • Mass Block Selection mode should work properly now
  • Text selection issue addressed in the Grid with the block dimensions tooltip
  • Properly localized the comments_number() reference in the Content block
  • Posts/pages and terms without names now show (No Title) when they’re listed in the Layout Selector
  • Optimizations to the JavaScript in the Visual Editor to decrease memory usage and improve loading times when switching layouts
  • Preview button now works properly in Grid mode after switching layouts


Update is available via automatic updater in the WordPress admin panel or you can also upgrade by downloading Headway 3.1.1 from members Dashboard and uploading it via FTP or the WordPress Theme update. It is recommended that you backup your site before updating Headway to latest version and if you are looking for a great, reliable solution for backups, I highly recommend BackupBuddy.

So, for what you are waiting for, update your theme to latest version and if you do not have copy of Headway Themes, then get it right now:

Download Link for Headway Themes

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