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Headway 3.1 Released

Finally, after a lot of wait Headway Themes launched the new version of Headway, i.e., Headway 3.1 and it is recommended to upgrade Headway to latest version as soon as possible. Before upgrading your site to latest version make sure you have a Backup, even though if you mess-up with everything, then you can easily backup and that too without any hassle.

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Headway 3.1 comes with lots of new features as compared to previous versions.

Download Headway 3.1

Headway 3.1 Features

Grid Renderer – The Grid Renderer (previously called the layout renderer and henceforth abbreviated GR) now supports sub-column layouts. Before 3.1, the GR was still capable of create incredible layouts, but 3.1 takes it even further. If you wish to have a sidebar and then have two smaller sidebars directly below it, you can now do that and the GR will not flinch. You may wonder why this took so long to create, but the logic, conditionals, and math that is behind the GR is incredibly complex.

Navigation Block – We have added some great changes to the Navigation Block, but we’ve also removed some extraneous HTML elements. To be specific, we remove the that surrounds the text inside of every navigation menu element. If you’re styling this element directly, then you need to change it to the parent hyperlink. Another problem with the navigation block is that if you added to many items, then it would not expand. Now, it will. However, to do this, we have to change the Navigation Block to be a fluid height block rather than a fixed height block. Also, the Navigation Block now outputs actual CSS heights and line-heights for the items so you may have to update your child theme (or Live CSS) accordingly if you notice that your Navigation block look larger than normal. Finally, you can now add a search box to your Navigation Block. You can do this directly from the Navigation Block settings.

ATTENTION: Child Theme Authors and users using Live CSS

Others Additions

  • Rejoice! Both block widths and heights are shown in the Visual Editor. Plus, you can see the block dimensions in all 3 modes!
  • The Design Editor has been improved. The Uncustomize/Inherit Property buttons now properly show the changes immediately.
  • For the key shortcut fans out there, Live CSS can now be toggled be toggled with Ctrl + E

All these features make headway a must have theme and below you can see the changelog for Headway 3.1


  • Admin: Added responsive grid status to the System Info
  • Admin: Added an option to disable the Headway editor style in Headway » Options.
  • APIs: Added HeadwayBlocksAPI::dynamic_css() so block’s can output dynamic CSS. This is useful for sending block options straight to CSS
  • APIs: Implemented a block style system into the HeadwayChildThemeAPI
  • Content Block: Added better support for and HTML tags
  • Grid Renderer: The No Content message now displays a link to the Visual Editor even if logged out.
  • Grid Renderer: Added support for sub columns in the grid renderer
  • Miscellaneous: Added more classes to the element depending on which device is accessing the site. The new classes are .opera, .ipad, .iphone, .ipod, and .android.
  • Miscellaneous: Added row numbers to each row ‘s class
  • Miscellaneous: Added a new Headway filter ‘headway_standards_compliance_js’ that allows you to remove the ie9.js usage
  • Miscellaneous: Added ability to change the search input placeholder text via an input under the Manage Mode in the Content panel tab
  • Navigation Block: Added the ability to add a search input to the Navigation block
  • Navigation Block: Items in the Navigation Block can now be centered
  • Navigation Block: Navigation block’s now support unlimited-depth (within reason) drop-downs
  • Visual Editor: You can now see a block’s width in the Visual Editor and in every Visual Editor mode.
  • Visual Editor: Live CSS can now be toggled with Ctrl + E (E for editor)


  • APIs: Removed all old non-grid Headway Child Theme API code. This will be re-added in a future update
  • APIs: Renamed HeadwayBlocksAPI::js_content() to HeadwayBlocksAPI::dynamic_js()
  • Design Settings: Increased the default font size of entry content and entry meta to 14px (previously 13px)
  • Miscellaneous: The dynamic block JS file is only outputted if there is content in the file
  • Miscellaneous: HTML comment isn’t outputted unless Headway is outputted
  • Miscellaneous: Removed the default overflow: hidden; from all blocks
  • Miscellaneous: Split structure.css into more CSS files so child theme developers can now have more power over which CSS files they wish to disable.
  • Navigation Block: The navigation block has been drastically changed to not use display: table; anymore and to use automatically generated height and line height (via HeadwayBlocksAPI::dynamic_css() instead
  • Navigation Block: Removed the inside of the items in the Navigation Block
  • Navigation Block: Navigation items no longer have a float property added and use display: inline-block; instead
  • Navigation Block: Removed the line-height and text-align properties from the Navigation Block » Menu Item in the Design Editor
  • Navigation Block: Drop-downs in the Navigation Block now properly expand depending on how wide the longest drop down item is
  • Navigation Block: The navigation block is now a fluid block meaning that overflow items will no longer be truncated. The menu will properly expand.
  • Responsive Grid: The navigation block no longer sets items to 100% width when the responsive grid is enabled and a phone is viewing the website. The navigation block will expand vertically.
  • Responsive Grid: If the responsive grid is enabled and a user chooses to disable it, then it sets the wrapper to a static width and keeps the percentages on the grid widths rather than completely switching back to pixels. This reduces e amount of CSS used and insures that the layout will look the same.
  • Visual Editor: Changed the order of the Block Config settings to Mirroring, Block Style (if applicable), CSS Classes, Alias, Responsive Block Hiding (if applicable)
  • Visual Editor: Block Bottom Margin setting has been moved to a new panel tab named Spacing in the Manage Mode
  • Visual Editor: Removed Wrapper settings from the Manage Mode
  • Visual Editor: Color inputs in the Design Editor now default to transparent if they’re uncustomized
  • Visual Editor: Clicking on Customize Property in the Design Editor will automatically push the value so you can save.

Bug Fixes

  • Admin: Changed how admin separators are added. This improves admin menu ordered when Jigoshop or other plugins are added.
  • Admin: remove_theme_support(‘editor-style’) now properly disables the Headway editor style
  • Admin: Fixed an occasional error on line 159 of api-admin-meta-box.php that would create problems with Contact Form 7 and various other plugins.
  • Admin: Headway editor style should now properly fetch the body hyperlinks color
  • Admin: The ‘Disable Headway Caching’ checkbox in Headway » Options will now properly reflect its value
  • Content Block: Fixed the styling of pingbacks to properly match the comment styling
  • Content Block: Fixed an issue with the Content Block and LoopBuddy where it would not work correctly if the query or layout ID’s were 0
  • Content Block: Fixed an issue with paginating in the Content Block when the mode is set to Custom Query
  • Miscellaneous: Addressed an HTML validation issue with thumbnail URLs
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed an issue where thumbnails would sometimes return a 404 HTTP header even though the image is returned properly.
  • Miscellaneous: HEADWAY_UPLOADS_URL now properly changes if SSL is detected in cases where the WordPress site address hasn’t been updated for SSL
  • Miscellaneous: Fixed a minor issue where the Design Editor was outputting “font-variant: none;” rather than “font-variant: normal;”
  • Miscellaneous: Default element settings are now correctly placed above the rest of the Design Editor CSS to insure that default elements never override real element settings
  • Navigation Block: Navigation alignment now works if the Navigation Block is set to vertical orientation
  • Responsive Grid: Fixed an issue with responsive block hiding where it would only work if 2 or more devices were selected
  • RSS Filtering: Fixed issues with the RSS filtering not working correctly
  • SEO: The nofollow links in entry setting should now work properly
  • Visual Editor: Clicking on the circular X to tell a property in the Design Editor now properly shows what’s happening instantly
  • Visual Editor: Fixed an issue where Live CSS and Grid Wizard weren’t displaying properly depending on the web host
  • Visual Editor: When selecting an element in the design editor, then making a change, then switching elements, then switching back will now properly reflect the unsaved changes.
  • Visual Editor: The Customize Regular Element button in the Design Editor now properly works
  • Visual Editor: Fixed an issue where if a box didn’t exist in the Visual Editor and it was trying to be accessed, then it would throw an error.
  • Visual Editor: Visual Editor integer inputs now handle negative integers properly
  • Visual Editor: Fixed an issue where the grid wizard would not properly set block heights
  • Visual Editor: Tooltips in the Visual Editor should now behave better even if the user scrolls
  • Visual Editor: Addressed the block glow, block controls/info flickering when resizing a block
  • Visual Editor: The Heading element in the Design Editor for the Content BLock now shows that it controls all H3’s, H2’s, and H1’s in the entry content
  • Widgets: The search input placeholder should now work properly with older versions of Internet Explorer
  • Widgets: Empty widget titles no longer show

So, for what you are thinking off? Download Headway right now or update it via automatic updater from wp-admin panel.

Download Link for Headway Themes

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