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Hide Affiliate Link By Using Simple URLs WordPress Plugin

WordPress no doubt one of the most popular CMS and widely used CMS to build website in couple of minutes. WordPress comes with plethora of free WordPress Themes & Plugins. Many of you (including myself) making money from it by offering services or by affiliate marketing. One thing I want to make clear is that in this post I’m not talking about affiliate marketing.

In this post I’m sharing Simple URLs WordPress plugin which offers you to mask your affiliate link and in addition to this you can also count the number of clicks generated by that particular link. Simple URLs WordPress plugin is a URL management system that allows you to create, edit and track any URL, even custom URLs. This plugin also adds custom post type in admin dashboard, where you can create, edit, delete and manage URLs in very easy steps. It is a very useful WordPress plugin for those who post a lot of affiliate links on their blogs. The best thing I like about this plugin is that it can be used to shorten long and ugly affiliate URLs without need of any URL shortening service like bit.ly, goo.gl or tiny URL.

This is easy-to-use WordPress plugin and best thing I like about this plugin is that it is developed by StudioPress. The same team who developed Genesis Framework. Apart from hiding affiliate links, this plugin can also be used for:

  • Banner, button, or text link advertisements.
  • Links to your other blogs and websites.
  • Links to your Twitter and Facebook pages
  • Internal (as opposed to outbound) link tracking.
  • Download link counter!

Isn’t it a great WordPress Plugin? if yes, then download it right now:

Download Link for Simple URLs WordPress Plugin

After downloading this WordPress plugin, install it and activate it. Now, you do not know how to use this WordPress plugin to hide affiliate link? No, problem, here is a quick guide which lets you know how to use this WordPress Plugin

Step1: I’m assuming you have already install and activate this plugin. After activating this plugin in wp-admin panel you see a new tab named “Simple URLs” as shown below:


Step2: Now, you have to click on “Add New” as shown below:


Step3: When you click on “Add New”, it open a new window as shown below:


Step4: All you have to do is to fill the required spaces as shown below and click on “publish” button. For your information, in redirect URL, the URL I used to hide is http://www.webguide4u.com/free-wordpress-installation/ and the text i used is Professional Blog Set-Up Service.


Step5: Congratulations, you have successfully hide affiliate link

If you have any query let me know via comments or get in touch using contact form.

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