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[How-to Guide] Add New WordPress Themes In WordPress 3.0

Already in the previous tutorial I had provided you the step by step guide on installing the wordpress on Hostgator and now in this tutorial I will guide on installing WordPress theme. You might be amazed by listening this but wordpress 3.0 has come out with different layout now it’s not a single click installation of theme.

In earlier versions of WordPress, you can easily add new themes by login into your wp-admin panel. After login to your admin panel go to Appearance> Add New Themes like this shown in screenshot:

And after clicking on this you will easily add new themes in your wp-admin panel and will change it when you want to change the layout of your blog.

But in WordPress 3.0 you won’t add new themes like this. Why? When you log-in into your wp-admin panel you will not able to see the Add New Themes Option directly as you can see in the older versions of WordPress. Now the question arises, how you add new themes in your WordPress and how you will change the layout of your blog? Need not worry; this article will come as a rescue for you to help out in adding new themes in WordPress 3.0. As already, I had covered some of the tutorials and how-to guides on WordPress 3.0. Some of them are being listed below to help you out WordPress 3.0:

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So without wasting any time, I will guide you how you can add New Themes in WordPress 3.0

  • Login into wp-admin panel
  • Go to Appearance, click on Themes. After clicking on themes, on the top of page you will two navigation menus like this:

  • Now click on Install themes, you will see a page like as shown in screenshot:

  • Now you can easily add the new theme and change the layout of your blog.

This tutorial will help you out in adding new themes, even though if you feel any difficulty in adding new themes then let me through comments section or use our contact form.

In the meanwhile do let us know your thoughts on WordPress 3.0

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  • nice article…..

    must for helpful……

  • Stephen

    Do you have any idea on why the Install theme button isn’t on my dashboard?
    I have a self hosted domain which is being hosted by Hostgator, i have gone through the install wordpress on the cpanel through quickinstall and even tried fantastico and yet it still doesnt appear?

    • @Stephenparry: Whether you install WordPress via fantastico or through quickinstall, there should be a install button present.

      WordPress is a software that comes with all files, may be from where you have downloaded it is corrupt. Download the latest version of WordPress from http://www.wordpress.org/download and install it again. Still if you have any queries let me know via comments or get in touch using contact form.

  • Stephen

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I think i have solved the problem.
    Just so if anyone else reads this i contacted Hostgator who were very helpful and informed me that my nameservers were not pointing towards hostgator.
    I changed that and now im just awaiting the allotted time to see if it works.

    • @Stephen: Glad to hear that your problem has been resolved. According to me nameservers was not the solution that creates this problem…

      • Stephen

        Sorry I dont understand your post? Are you saying the nameserver change is not going to help?

        • @Stephen: I want to say that nameservers are not related to WordPress. WordPress is a software (script) and if you can’t see any installation button, then some files are not present there. Do a fresh installation of WordPress to overcome this problem..

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