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[How-to Guide] Enable WordPress MU In WordPress 3.0

Already I have outlined some of the features and how to guides on wordpress 3.0. We all know that wordpress 3.0 will incorporate WPMU (wordpress mu) in it and with this feature you can run multiple blogs from one single wordpress installation. We assume that you already upgraded your wordpress blog and enabled the multiple site network option on your wordpress blog. Now in this post, I will help you out in installing multiple wordpress blog in wordpress 3.0.

Step 1

Go to Tools> Network, you will see the screen like this:

Once you click on the install button, you will be taken to next page, where your technical skills are being used, i.e., you have to play with two most important files of wordpress and if a mistake occurs, then you mess up all the things, these two files are wpconfig.php and .htaccess file respectively. Just follow the these useful steps and you will easily enable wordpress mu in your blog:

  • Create blog.dir Directory

Create a blogs.dir directory in /webguide4u.com/wp-content. This directory is used to store uploaded media for your additional sites and must be writeable by the web server.

  • Adding Codes to wp-config.php File

Open your wp-config.php file and copy paste the following code into it and save it.

  • Adding Authentication Keys

Add authentication keys into your wp-config.php file while adding this new code you have to replace the old authentication keys.

Adding .htaccess Code:

This is the last thing that you need to do in order to run wordpress mu. Open your .htaccess file and add this piece of code in it and save this file.

After doing all such technical work, you have to relogin into your wordpress admin panel and you will be surprised by seeing the new feature in your wordpress blog, it is “Super Admin in WordPress 3.0”.

This is all, now your blog is MU compatible and you can add up any number of blogs in a single click.

In the meanwhile, do let us know your views on this? If you have any problem, then let us know through comments section or via contact me page.

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