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[How-To Guide] Install Plugin In WordPress Blog

WordPress no doubt best and most popular blogging platform because it is easiest and offers you lots of free themes and plugins which will enhance your blogging experience. Already I’ve covered a tutorial on “How-To Add New Themes” and now in this post focus on adding plugin in your WordPress blog.

Step-By-Step Guide On Adding Plugin in your WordPress Admin Panel

Step1: Login into your wp-admin Panel by typing this URL in your browser


Step2: Now click on Plugins Option as shown below:

add new plugin+wordpress+plugin+webguide4u+wordpress-3.0

Step3: Now click on “Add New” and it will open a new page.

add new plugin+webguide4u+wordpress+plugin+wordpress-plugin+wordpress-3.0

Step4: On new page, you can add your favorite plugin on your WordPress Admin Panel.

add new plugin+wordpress+wordpress-3.0+webguide4u+new plugin+plugin

Step5: Now type your plugin name and hit search button (for me its disqus comment system) and it will show you all the results as shown below:

add new plugin3

Step6: Now click on install button and it installs the plugin in your wp-content/plugins folder.

add new plugin+plugin+wordpress+wordpress+wordpress-3.0

Step7: After clicking on Install Button, it opens a new page as shown below, where you’ve to activate the plugin.

add new plugin+wordpress+webguide4u+wordpress-3.0

Congratulations, you’ve successfully added new plugins in WordPress dashboard.

If you face any difficulty then let us know in the comments section.

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